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The LEGO Pick-a-Brick service, both online and in physical stores, is a great way to get certain parts, especially if you’re building a MOC, adding to a City, or beefing up your stash of spares. I often pickup a tub or two when visiting my local store, it would be rude not to.

In some of the larger stores there are sometimes exclusive minibuilds, recently LEGO Ideas held a challenge which resulted in several designs being picked and made into purchase Pick-a-Brick sets. One of these was designed by our good friend Martin from @boombrickz, who made the now titled Market Magic!

Here we’ll dive into what the set consists of and how we got on with building it.

First off I’d like to thank Martin for gifting this to me at a recent Brick Boyz meet up, it was a wonderful surprise, one I’m going to cherish for a long time.

The set comes in a LEGO branded bag full of all the loose parts, packaged separately is the 16×16 baseplate. The instructions cna be found online, here, so don’t panic we’ve got you covered. Being quite a straightforward build process you could most likely copy the image to some extent.

For a simple looking set the build is quite enjoyable, with some nice techniques, including the stalls themselves, layered bricks and plates to create a shelf, chuck in a handful of jumper tiles and hey-presto a sweet treats stall.

As you can see there are many accessories included, from half a dozen eggs and a bunch of Bananas to Pumpkins and Pizzas. I like that LEGO have kept these in from the original design, in fact not much has changed overall. Spin the set around and it looks just as good, taking photos for this review was enjoyable for this reason, from every angle it looks great. This makes it perfect for creating scenes, stories and even popping it in a Cityscape.

From my limited knowledge of parts and their rareness, I don’t think there are any sought-after pieces here which is both a shame and a blessing, as sourcing this set from the online Pick-a-Brick service would have upped the price substantially. It currents goes for £23.67 ($41.60 AUD/$38.45 NZD/€27.80).

If you’d like to purchase this set, or any others from the challenge, the link to the official page is here.

Again big thanks to Martin for gifting us this marvellous set, it’ll take pride of place in my collection, along with the signed & date brick, thank you buddy!


Minifigures not included


LEGO Ideas Market Magic Boom Brickz



The Build 9.2
The Cost (£23.67) 9.4
The Parts 9.7
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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review, I’m glad you like the little build that I designed and it was my pleasure to be able to gift this to you

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