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Polybags are a great way to get into LEGO, they’re usually affordable, fun, and filled with cool parts and Minifigures.

They’re sometimes quite hard to get hold of, you’d think a LEGO product would be sold in a LEGO store, but nope, unless it’s part of a promotion LEGO don’t actually stock Polybags themselves. Some Supermarkets get ahold of them but you’d need to be lucky and quick to get your hands on them, with no set release date they just show-up.

I have found the perfect place to grab new and old LEGO Polybags here in the UK, a website I’ve used for many years now,!

Here are a handful that I’ve recently picked up, each with a short review of what’s included.

Dr Strange Interdimensional Portal (30652):

Purchase here

This small set packs a lot in, not just a Dr Strange Minifigure, that comes with the new moulded Cape, but a ton of cool parts such as the transparent orange Portal elements, dark tan bricks, tan SNOT bricks, and a few other cool parts. For under £5 this is one of the most popular Polybags to release in 2023 so far.

Moana’s Dolphin Cove (30646):

Purchase here

If you’re an avid visitor to the website you’ll know that I’m not the biggest fan of Mini-dolls so this set wasn’t high on my to-get list. Saying that the build and parts on offer here are great, from a pearlescent blue slide piece to some greenery, there is even a Pua (pig) and Dolphin figure included, making it a nice Polybag to pickup.

Creator Panda Bear 3-in-1 (30641):

Purchase here

The Creator 3-in-1 series of sets and Polybags have always peaked my interest, not because they have multiple builds, but the fact that you usually get more inside the bag than other Polybags, meaning more Brick for your buck!

With a ton of black & white elements the set comes with a variety of bricks from slopes and plates to curved 1x bricks and quarter-circle tiles. The Panda also looks kind of cute with the open mouth and shoot of Bamboo ready to be chomped on.

Dog Park & Scooter (30639):

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Inside this City Polybag there isn’t a lot to look at, the small tree is basic and the half-circle plate it’s on is bare. The real draw of the set is the Minifigure and the Husky Dog figure, oh and perhaps the Scooter, if you haven’t got one yet then this is a great investment.

The Minifigure has nice printing on but the torso and face, with an alternative ‘quietly confident‘ expression on the opposite side. I must say the moulded helmet and hair piece is a nice touch and a welcomed addition to the spares box, perfect for MOCs.

Skate Ramp 2-in-1 (30633):

Purchase here

Again this one includes a Mini-doll, being Friends you would expect it to. The Skate Park build is pretty smart, with the small-scale half-pipe, grinding bar and ramp. Also the added Skakeboard Craft build is a nice touch, with the Paintbrush piece and other accessories.

It also comes with a cute little Gecko figure, in orange, it’s an odd thing to include but I’m not moaning, it’ll go with the other Animals in my spares for future projects.

We have loads more LEGO Polybags to review so watch this space, including LEGO Harry Potter Quidditch Practice (30651)!

Thank you for taking the time to read these handy, shorter, reviews, we hope it gives you a useful insight into what to expect from each Polybag, don’t forget you can grab all the latest ones from

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