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For LEGO fans the news and buildup of a brand new CMF (Collectable Minifigures) series is exciting. From getting a quick glimpse to the official reveal, it’ll never get old, I personally love a good Minifigure!

The latest series to hit stores is based once again in Disney, this time celebrating their 100th Anniversary. With a while new collection of characters this series has been welcomed by most, as it not only includes characters from our childhoods but interesting and cool accessories and moulds.

Join me in taking a closer look at what each character consists of including unique parts, prints, and more. These are in no particular order.


  • New hat & hair mould
  • New head with nose
  • Print on both torso & legs
  • Dual moulded arms & legs
  • Fish & Sandcastle print on bowl

This is one of the Minifigures I was most worried about, being the first one to have a physical nose and all. How would LEGO do it, would it look odd, how long would it be? I’m happy to say that, in my opinion, they did an excellent job! The proportion is perfect and with the hair & hat also sticking out slightly it doesn’t look out of place.

The design of the whole Minifigure is done well and true to the original Disney character. This is one of my favourites from the series.

Jiminy Cricket:

  • Tophat recolour
  • Pale green face with single print
  • White fabric collar
  • Olive green torsos & legs with unique prints
  • Pink umbrella

From one of my favourites to one of my least, Jiminy Cricket. The Minifigure itself is good and has a lot about it to like, it purely comes down to his size, compared to Pinocchio. LEGO could have printed him onto a 1×1 clear cylinder similar to the one found with Mulan (below).

 Dr. Facilier:

  • Tophat with printing
  • Brown torso and legs with unique printing
  • Single face
  • 1×2 tarot tile
  • Brick-built cane/staff

I don’t know too much about this character, but the Minifigure looks great. The Skull & Crossbones Tophat is cool, the torso is clear and the tarot card accessory is welcomed.

Princess Tiana:

  • Pale green tiara
  • New hair mould
  • Dual faces
  • Torso print continues onto legs (dress)
  • Dual moulded arms
  • Frog recolour
  • 2×3 printed tile

Being from the same Disney movie as the character above I again don’t know too much about her. This particular Minifigure has a bit more going for it though, with the larger printed tile and new recoloured Frog.

Evil Queen:

  • New crown mould
  • Single face print
  • Fabric collar & cape
  • Purple torso & legs (dress)
  • Unique torso print continue onto legs
  • Printed oval shield

The Evil Queen from Sleeping Beauty is probably one of the first proper scary Villains. LEGO have done a wonderful job in recreating her complete with Mirror. There is a lot to this Minifigure what with the two additional fabric pieces that make the collar and cape.

Princess Aurora:

  • Gold crown
  • New Yellow/Blonde hair
  • Hot-pink torso & legs with print continuation
  • Printing on arms
  • New Owl print

Sleeping Beau herself in Minifigure form. The bright Yellow hair is a nice part along with the pink & white princess dress. She comes with an Owl that has a brand new design for this series.

Stitch 626:

  • New head mould
  • Red torso with printing
  • New arm moulds (2 arms each side)
  • Red legs with printing
  • Two Yellow ray guns

Another movie I know nothing about, Lilo & Stitch. The Stitch 626 Minifigure is an interesting one, straight off the bat you’ll notice it has 4 arms. This is a brand new mould and a welcomed one I’d say. Along with the moulded head it comes with 2 Yellow ray guns.


  • Single face print
  • New arm moulds and prints
  • White torso & legs withatching prints
  • Small brick-built ‘recharging’ base

Baymax is a brilliant character but less so in LEGO form. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great Minifigure but again it comes down to the size, it should have been a Big Fig. The new arm moulds look odd at first but do suit the overall look.

Cruella De Vil:

  • New dual moulded hair (black & white with teal earrings)
  • Fabric collar/cape
  • Yellow torso & legs with matching design
  • Red hands
  • New Dalmatian mould and print

Another Villain everybody knows, Cruella De Vil. The lemon yellow clothing and matching collar/cape looks smart, add the two-tone hair and you have a well-rounded Minifigure that captures the essence of the sorlirce material. The small Dalmatian Dog figure is a must have, if only we could ‘bag‘ 100 more!

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit:

  • New head mould & print
  • Black torso with minimal printing
  • Black & Bkue dual moulded legs
  • 1×2 printed tile

This was way before my time and so have no real idea of who it is. As a Minifigure though it works, with the long ears and moulded head, plain torso and legs and the small tile.


  • New hair mould
  • Dark blue torso with Azure arms
  • Dark Bkue & White dual moulded legs
  • Print continuation on torso & legs
  • Sword
  • New Cricket print onto 1×1 cylinder brick

This is a great Minifigure that represents the character well. The clothing is spot on and the print is crisp. The small 1×1 cylinder depicts her Cricket friend Cri-Kee. I like the overall look of this one and I rate it quite highly.

Queen of Hearts:

  • New crown & hair mould
  • Two new printed faces
  • Red torso with Black printing
  • Red skirt/base with coloured printing applied
  • Heart paddle accessory

The Queen of Hearts is from Alice in Wonderland and again is an iconic Villain. From the new moulded crown & hair piece, the double-sided dace and the overall printing, LEGO have done a great job.


  • New, windswept, hair mould
  • Beige torso, nougat coloured arms, with printing
  • Dual moulded legs with print continuation
  • 1×1 compass printed tile
  • Three different coloured leaves

The most noticeable part about this Minifigure is the windswept hair, it’s a new mould and one I’d like to use in a MOC (my own creation) one day. Then design and look of the character is spot on, add the small compass accessory and the leaves and it’s truly complete!

Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey:

  • New hat & head mould
  • Red torso with printing
  • Red & Black dual moulded legs with printing
  • Bucket and broom accessories

The man himself, Mickey Mouse, in his Fantasia outfit. This wasn’t high on my Disney movie list unfortunately but I do think the Minifigure is done well. The moulded hat & head piece is nice, the printing is done well and the accessories are cool, having a new broom element is great.

Robin Hood:

  • New hat & head mould
  • Green torso & legs with printing
  • Dual moulded arms & legs
  • Now accessory

Robin Hood & King John (below) were the two Minifigures I was looking forward to the most. I loved this Disney classic as a kid and have fond memories of watching it over & over again. To have these in LEGO form is amazing to say the least!

This cheerful chap is bursting with colour and life. The green outfit is nice and bright and the new moulded hat & head piece is spot on.

King John:

  • New crown & head mould
  • New White fabric collar/cape
  • Red torso & legs with printing
  • Dual moulded Red & Yellow legs
  • Coin accessory

This loveable grumpy cry-baby has also be recreated extremely well, with the fabric collar/cape and the new moulded crown & head piece. LEGO have outdone themselves with this two!

Miguel Rivera:

  • Hood recolour
  • Two heads, one ‘Day of the Dead’ the other flesh
  • Red torso with hood print
  • Blue legs
  • Guitar
  • Dog with new print

This is a fairly recept addition to the Disney family but a welcomed one. This Minifigure seems to have a lot bundled with it, the Minifigure itself, a spare head and hair, a guitar and a goofy Dog.

Ernesto de la Cruz:

  • New hat & hair mould
  • Two printed faces
  • White torso & legs with Black & Grey printing
  • White guitar with new print

Last but not least we have perhaps one of the surprise champions of the series, who knew a Minifigure could look this awesome!

The contrast of black on white works exceptionally well and the crisp lines & details only add this this. Chuck in a matching guitar and bosh, you have a very well designed and made Minifigure!

Thank you for reading through this review of the LEGO Disney 100 CMF Series. We really appreciate your time and support, as browsing this website generates a small amount of commission form adverts etc, which gets ounped back into the website and running costs.

If you have this set already we’d lovw to hear your thoughts on it below, either via the comments section or logging in and leaving a short review.

Keep on bricking! 


LEGO Disney 100 CMF


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