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Over the course of 2023, we have enjoyed many new products from our friends over at, including a varied cast of characters, parts and more. In this retrospect, we’ll look back at the many awesome bits & bobs we accumulated and what we did with them!

First of all I’d like to say a massive thank to you, for shopping at and using our affiliate link. We really appreciate your support as every click counts and ultimately goes towards website upkeep and new additions to the custom Minifigure family, thank you.

Since we joined theor affiliate program we have been blessed with some great Minifigures and custom parts, including the likes of Doctor Who, Billy Butcherson, Black Adder and so many more. If you’re an avid read of ours then you’ll no doubt have seen our many feature articles on and their offers, if not click here to see what they’ve been upto throughout 2023.

We have used the custom Minifigures in numerous ways, with many MOCs and Scenes under our belt. The latest was a #SigfigScene (our weekly hashtag activity) which featured John McClane from Die Hard. Him and Lil’ G (my sigfig) found themselves stuck in the same air duct, what are the chances?!

Another MOC of ours, which happens to be my favourite, centres around a duo from a popular game and even bigger TV show, Ellie & Joel from The Last Of Us. This one took me awhile to build as I’m not a great MOC builder and the parts I had to work with were limited. Saying that though, it turned out rather well, even if I do say so myself.

The team worked wonders with the two custom Minifigures, they included so much detail and even a secondary face for Ellie covered in cuts. Take a look for yourself below.

Another awesome reason to shop at is their extensive selection of custom parts and personalisation options. From movie posters and food items to photo tiles and messages on bricks. The latter is great for gifting, especially to a loved one or a special friend that loves LEGO.

Some of our favourites include posters of classic, re-imagined, movies. From The Shining and Jaws, to Clockwork Orange and Friday the 13th. We of course had to use them in a MOC, we thought they’d suit a teenage bedroom setting, check it out below.

That’s not all they offer, are known for their Minifigure head designs, especially making them from scratch. They designed and printed my Sigfigs many expressions. Their ‘Edit a Head‘ and ‘Design a Head‘ product listings allow you to either change or add something to an already designed head or create one from scratch.

When asking for my custom heads I found it helped to send in examples of what I wanted. Referencing existing LEGO heads and even real people help give the design team a better understanding of what you want.

We may have gone a little overboard this year with heads and expressions, take a look below.

Looking back over the past year, we’ve been very fortunate for the number of products released and the goodies we’ve received. We hope this continues in 2024 and beyond. Thank you

We have created so much more using their products, check out our gallery below. Hopefully it inspires you to venture into the world of custom LEGO Minifigures and Parts. Using our links, located throughout this article, you’ll bag yourself 10% off your first order, get in!

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