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The LEGO Fun Every Day 2025 Calendar has been revealed by Chronicle Books!

Primarily a Desktop Calendar, it features random LEGO facts, jokes, Minifigure bios and build prompts. It also denotes special holidays and events, along with LEGO history. The LEGO Fun Every Day 2025 Calendar will be available from Chronicle Books this September.

Are you a fan of these calendars and be picking one up? Let us know via the comments section below.

Official details:

Have a LEGO laugh every day of the year! This pun-filled daily calendar offers hilarious minifigure moments and brick-inspired jokes to brighten your day.

Start each day with a LEGO laugh! This daily calendar offers a range of humor and LEGO fun, including minifigure comic vignettes, jokes and puns inspired by LEGO bricks, laugh-worthy minifigure bios, and wacky building prompts to flex your creative muscles. Perfect for LEGO fans of all ages, this calendar is 365 days of LEGO joy that will have the whole family laughing.

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