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The joint weekly #SigfigScene feature myself and Mark (@brick_beat) host is great fun and has gained quite a following, with posts coming in from all over the World!

It’s about time we put this feature forward and to do something good with it, this is where Nick from @brightonbricks shines, he runs Mind The Brick, a Mental Health Awareness initiative. He reached out to us and here we are, the first collaboration of 2023.

If you are unfamiliar with #SigfigScene don’t worry, it’s actually a rather simple concept. Let’s start with a LEGO version of you, a Sigfig (signature figure), grab your spares or a handful of Minifigures and switch out heads, hair, torsos, legs, until you are happy it represents you.

Next you grab a LEGO set, a MOC, or build something from scratch, pop your Sigfig into in and take photos. I personally find it helps if you think of and tell a short story – “I’ve just got out of bed and Need coffee” or “After a hard day’s work I like to listen to Music” and setup the scene around that.

Post the image to your Instagram and/or Facebook accounts using the appropriate hashtag, usually #SigfigScene, but as we host different contests the hashtag change, all details can be found here or on our Instagram page.

So throughout the month of January please get involved with our new #WellbeingSigfigScene and post something meaningful to you that helps you get through the day or helps your to relax. The ideas for scenes are endless, your Sigfig could be listening to music, reading a book, building with LEGO, going for a walk, or meeting friends.

Please download the watermark logo to use in your posts, if you want to of course. We hope you have fun and we can’t wait to see your scenes!

There will also be prizes up for grabs too, with Nick being the guest judge. Prizes will be announced on Instagram over the coming weeks so please follow us.

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