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Thanks to the team at we can share some speculated details surrounding a very exciting new IP for LEGO, Transformers!

Focusing on the Autobots in particular, the set will feature their leader Optimus Prime. It’s said to be styled similarly to UCS (Ultimate Collector’s Series) sets and even come with an information plaque.

The design will most likely be based on the G1 style which means we’ll finally be getting awesome original Freightliner. What’s more impressive is that he is also equipped with his Wingblade Jetpack and either the Sword of Judgment or Energon Battle Axe.

Another really cool feature will be the transformation it’ll make from truck to robot as it is speculated that no modifications are necessary and can be changed easily. This would be the first time LEGO has attempted this and I personally cannot wait!

The set is rumoured to consist of 1508 pieces, release in May 2022 and retail for around £/$/€169.99.

Please tell us, via the comments below, what your initial thoughts are on this rumour and whether you’re excited for it?!

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  1. I’ve never been more excited about a rumored Lego set than the rumored Optimus Prime. I have been wishing for decades that one would be made, especially when the Voltron set was finally green lite and made into a Lego in the Ideas line.
    I sincerely hope that this comes to fruition.

    1. I second that, it’ll be an awesome display piece, and toy for us AFOLs 😎

  2. When I was a kid I tried to create a Lego transformer. I succeeded partially back then with the available bricks.
    This brings back memories, so I’m sure to buy this set as soon as it’s available.

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