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The latest issue (106) of the LEGO Star Wars Magazine is here and with it a Coruscant Guard Minifigure!

The magazine itself follows suit with all its predecessors, with a ton of puzzles and activities, such as dice based games, mazes and word games, there’s even a chance to win some LEGO. These are great fun for the intended younger fans, offering up a fun yet somewhat educational experience.

The double-sided poster as usual features great artwork and worthy of hanging onto for LEGO room decoration. Also the Comic-strip stories are great fun to read especially with young fans, they often feature characters that are included as freebies with each magazine issue, this time around we get a Coruscant Guard Minifigure.

Both the torso and legs feature a mostly Red coloured design with black outlines to highlight the guards armour. The prints lineup  well when joined dispite there being a solid white waist line that breaks them up. There is sadly no arm printing which is a missed opportunity in my book, usually with these Magazines we are gifted with a somewhat more exclusive Minifigure. The head is a standard Star Wars male head that is usual with this character. It’s perfect for collectors that want to start an army of these characters as although the Magazine costs £5.25 it is more affordable to acquire them this way, exclusive or not.

Below are a handful of pages to showcase what these style of publications offer.

LEGO Star Wars Magazine Issue 106 can be picked up from most good newsagents and supermarkets, such as WHSmithASDATesco and Sainsbury’s, to mention a few. If you can’t get to a store please don’t fret, they’re available online via a subscription service, they get delivered to your door!


LEGO Star Wars Magazine Issue 106



The Magazine 7.6
The Minifigure 9.3
The Cost (£5.25) 6.9

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