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A brand new promotion is available from LEGO which sees the LEGO Pirates and Treasure VIP Add On Pack (40515) finally becoming available for the masses, as apposed to a select few VIP members over the last year or so.

From today until 30th September September, you can grab the 103 piece polybag with purchases of £50 ($50/€50) or more, while supplies last.

The polybag is filled with a lot of exciting accessories such as a pirate hat, flag, map, skeleton, treasure chest, and even a shark!

Will you be making a purchase to grab this polybag? Let us know via the comments below. Oh and keep an eye open for the Halloween accessory polybag coming soon

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  1. We need instruction for pirate ship and or add on kit asap.🤪🤪🤪

    1. The LEGO Pirate polybag is an addon pack, basically a collection of parts to play about with and add to existing projects or new ones.

  2. I have a question. If you have more than 1 orders above limit, you will get multiple of this 40515 set, or you will get only one? The lego page info is not clear for me. Thanks

    1. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that, if you place and order twice the amount you’ll still only get one. However if you pop into a LEGO store and split the purchases up into 2 or 3 you many be lucky and get given multiple, it depends of what mood the staff are in.

  3. I had a choice of buying the Pirate Ship (31109) at Walmart for $100 plus tax (about 10%) or buying it from Lego for $120 plus tax and getting this Ad on Pack.
    I had questions if it was really worth the extra $22 (tax included).
    The polybag Ad On Pack in of itself was not worth the extra cost and tax.
    But I’m glad I did go this route. I would forever second guess myself if I went the Walmart route. I did get the VIP points for my purchase of and I received the order in less than 48 hours. Free of charge of course.
    This was my first online purchase from Lego and this was a good experience.
    Not mention the Ad On pack goes well with the set I ordered (my first pirate set).

    This would be a disappointment if I bought a DC Batman set (or any other theme) and the Walmart and Lego prices were respectively the same as the Pirate Ship, ie $20 more from Lego.

    If the DC Batman sets (or Harry Potter, Friends, City, etc.) were at the price at Lego or any of the retail chains; then this worth purchasing from Lego.

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