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A brand new promotion is available from LEGO which sees the LEGO Pirates and Treasure VIP Add On Pack (40515) finally becoming available for the masses, as apposed to a select few VIP members over the last year or so.

From today until 30th September September, you can grab the 103 piece polybag with purchases of £50 ($50/€50) or more, while supplies last.

The polybag is filled with a lot of exciting accessories such as a pirate hat, flag, map, skeleton, treasure chest, and even a shark!

Will you be making a purchase to grab this polybag? Let us know via the comments below. Oh and keep an eye open for the Halloween accessory polybag coming soon

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  1. We need instruction for pirate ship and or add on kit asap.🤪🤪🤪

    1. The LEGO Pirate polybag is an addon pack, basically a collection of parts to play about with and add to existing projects or new ones.

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