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LEGO Ninjago fans can now feast their eyes on the Summer 2022 wave of sets, featuring some very cool looking Mechs and Vehicles based on the upcoming Crystalized series!

These we revealed by German retailer JB Spielwaren and showcase the next wave of Ninjago sets. The new sets will see the Ninjas sporting brand new suits whilst their Enemies will also get an upgrade.

There are a plethora of new sets to get stuck into including features such as Temples, Dragons, Vehicles, and of course Mechs.

Best series yet? Comment below with your thoughts on this new wave.

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  1. Not since prime empire have I disliked a wave of Ninjago so much as I dislike all of these. Shame, up to prime empire I bought every single Ninjago set.

    The bounced back a little with secrets of spinjitzu wave. And I bought almost all of the seabound wave.

    But these are so gaudy. There’s nothing that makes the Ninjago. Shame

  2. Shame, I thought Ninjago would be cool, but today all my doubts will be put to rest. Ninjago is… Awesomey!

    1. When will i buy these at Amazon, I am so excited
      Please send it to Amazon

  3. When will i buy these at Amazon, I am so excited

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