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The LEGO CMF (Collectable Minifigures) line has been highly successful and churned out some amazing Minifigures, including the ultra rare and pricey Mr Gold.

Each Year the CMF Series has become more and more popular, with fans now sourcing whole boxes in order to gain a full set, we here at The Brick Post included. Fans were won over by the first series of Marvel CMF and LEGO listened, series 2 is here and takes well known characters and turns them into incredible Minifigures!

LEGO Marvel Series 1 CMF

Join us below as we run through series 2, Minifigure by Minifigure, pointing out new pieces, prints, and what we like about them as a whole. Also as an added bonus we have a special guest that will be injecting some Marvel goodness into each Minifigure review. Martin (@boombrickz) is a Marvel nerd and we love hearing about the characters, their powers and where their origin story. Martin will also add a paragraph highlighing what he likes about each one, look out for the below banner for words of wisdom by our in house Mr Marvel mega mind!

The packet and leaflet:

This is the first instance of CMF that come packaged in cardboard boxes, this is both great and no-so-great. On the up-side, the environment benefits hughly as the cardboard used is widely recyclable, on the other hand naughty people find them easier to rip open and steal the contents. There have been many instances of this as seen on social media recently, this will continue to grow as the general release is just days away.

Inside each packet you’ll find a random Marvel Minifigure character, along with a tick sheet/leaflet. This is in keeping with previous CMF releases and done in the same style, with instructions of a few harder to construct Minifigures on the back.

The Minifigures:

LEGO has quite a lot of material to pull from, just like the previous series, as the recent batch of TV shows from Disney+ have mostly been a big hit with fans, such as Moon Knight, SheHulk, Hawkeye, X-Men and more.

So without further a-do here are the new LEGO Marvel CMF Series 2 Minifigures and what we think of each one. (in no particular order).


Kicking the review off with Hawkeye, in his newest form as seen in the Disney+ show of the same name.

It’s been long debated that LEGO can’t quite get the character right, with many iterations all a little bit off. It’s either the hair, the face, the outfit, something isn’t right. That is until the one here came along, to me it’s the best one of the Hawkeye bunch.

If you’ve seen the show you’ll know that each piece is spot on to that interpretation of the character. The high, combed-back, hair, the two facial expressions (one has a plaster), the new outfit, new bow accessory and his little sidekick Owl. Sadly the legs let this Minifigure down, having no printing at all, which is a shame as most of the others in this series do.

I really like the hair but I think it’s not quite the right colour and we could have had his hearing aid added to the face print

Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop was introduced in the same Disney+ show as above and is a new addition to the MCU. She is very similar to Hawkeye in the sense that she is a dab-hand with a bow & arrow. She is a little more cheeky and funny compared but that’s a good thing, she is a great character.

The Minifigure is a good representation of the on-screen character, complete with cool outfit, new bow piece, two facial expressions and Lucky the dog. Thankfully there is some leg and arm printing which bumps up the rating. The ‘Hit the Spot‘ pizza box tile is the icing on the cake here and I’m sure will be used in future MOCs and scenes.

The hair piece is brilliant, looking exactly the same as the bridge scene in episode 3. I’m just so happy to get Lucky with his one eye!


I unfortunately don’t know a great deal about this character, apart from seeing him in one of the older X-Men movies played by Kelsey Grammer. The Minifigure is inspired by the 1990s animated show X-Men ’97, which is due to be rebooted later this year.

The blue Minifigure is done well and features great design elements such as the fur outline, claws on the feet, the two facial expressions and the accessories. Beast is holding a very cool X-Men logo cup, he also has a microscope which is made using a new curved bar element.

Beast has to be one of my favourite X-Men characters, LEGO have done a brilliant job with this minifigure, I especially like the 2 tone hair piece


Storm is also from the above mentioned show and again I know little about, but the Minifigure is stunning especially with that custom and unique cape.

The cape piece slots over the neck as usual but the longer sleeve parts pop in over the hands and are held in place at the wrists. This creates a very cool shape that manages to stay in position.

Other nice features that the Minifigure has is a white mohawk hairpiece, printed torso and legs and two transparent yellow lightning bolt accessories.

The cape for me is one of the best things about the minifigure and it’s great to see Lego use it again like they did with the original Storm minifigure (which was in black). Storms Mohawk hair from the upcoming X-Men’97 is just perfect!


Wolverine is a fan favourite for good reason, he is a staple of Marvel and X-Men. With a couple of Wolverine Minifigures under their, LEGO have scored another goal with this one, dressed in his classic X-Men gear and mask.

The combination of blue and yellow works so well, add the muscle lines and other details and you have a fully fledged Minifigure. Arm and leg printing are the icing on the cake and truly makes this one for the collectors!

Wolverine!!!! My favourite Marvel character ever! Finally an animated series accurate minifigure, even the yellow is better (which is a more yellow colour than previous minifigures) and the hairy arms make this the perfect representation!


First seen in the MCU in the Hawkeye show, but didn’t look like this Minifigure. This instance is inspired by the original comic dressed in her Native American outfit.

The torso design is fantastic and features lots of colours and details. It continues onto the legs nicely and makes for a genuinely great Minifigure. One of the legs is silver and moulded in a slightly different way, this is to acknowledge that the actress that plays her ahas a prosthetic leg.

What I love about this minifigure and the character Echo is that Disney embraced the fact that Alaqua Cox has a prosthetic leg, plus this was her first acting role ever!


This next character was merely hinted at during Antman & The Wasp, but here he is in Minifigure, Goliath.

The design and printing it stunning and there’s a lot to look at, including much needed arm printing. The helmet is great and the micro Antman figure is a nice addition. Included in the pack is also a hair piece and a spare Antman microfigure, nice one LEGO!

Love this minifigure, great detailing and a little hint to show what Goliath will look like in What if?…. Season 2! I can’t wait!


This is one character that I have never heard of, yes there’s a feature-length show on Disney+ for him but I’ve not seen it, so I’ll just review the Minifigure as it is.

The hair piece is very reminiscent of one of the Hobbit characters, with its bushy, uneven type style. The torso and legs look great and designed well, perfect for a Warewolf character. I have no idea what the 1×1 round tile is but it looks interesting, perhaps it’s a gem or a jewel?

The hair piece with the ears is brilliant and having the Bloodstone (aka Bloodgem) is a great addition considering that this stone was used to turn Jack Russell into his Werewolf form


It was Agatha all along! Wow, this Minifigure is amazing and one of my highlights of the series. From the tatty hair, makeup & dual facial expressions, torso & skirt and Cape.

The added weapon/magical accessories really to finish off this Minifigure and does justice to the Disney+ show character. This will pair nicely with the Scarlet Witch from series 1.

Agatha ranks up with my favourite in this series, the printing is just superb and I absolutely love that “wink”!


A Disney+ show no one really liked, but I must say this Minifigure is superb and one I’m glad to have in my collection.

Sporting the classic white, black & purple outfit, She-Hulk looks ready for a battle both in court and on the battlefield. The printed tiles are especially nice and feature some great references. Her mobile phone has an incoming call from Wong and the file is of one of her clients from the show, Emil Blonsky (Abomination).

Two great accessories that are relevant to the show, great printing but I wish we got an angry face

Moon Knight

This it my favourite Minfigure from this series and from a Disney+ show that really gripped me. Moon Knight has been captured incredibly well and is filled with a ton of details. I love the design and printing, the accessories aren’t bad either!

The whole Minifigure is covered in printing, from the Custom hood piece, the head, torso, arms and legs, it’s amazing. There is even a 1×1 round tile included that depicts a scarab.

Moon Knight “The printing on this minifigure is exceptional making it look just like the wrapping of a mummy! I really like the white eyed face print side of the head. Would have loved a printed cape”

Mr Knight

The alterego of the above Moon Knight Minifigure. This one doesn’t rank as high for me personally but it’s still up there as a decent one. The all white suit is a nice touch and one I’ll be nabbing for MOCs and scenes.

There is a small fish tank printed brick included, perhaps the highlight of this Minifigure.

Quite a simple yet very effective printing on this minifigure, love the printed head with the little cresent moon

Accessories and Animals

There are a ton of quality parts and accessories that cone in this series, above are them collected together in a handy pile for you to see. As mentioned throughout the review, these parts are often unique and exclusive to the series and Minifigures included. I love a good printed tile and here we have 4 great examples of what LEGO can do, the reference ls and Easter Eggs are insane, perfect for avid LEGO and Marvel fans alike. My favourites are the two She-Hulk tiles, Lucky the dog and the baby Owl, all great parts that will no doubt be used for MOCs and scenez in the future.


If I were to describe this second series LEGO Marvel CMF in just one word it would be INCREDIBLE!

It truly is that good, although being a Marvel fan helps considerably although isn’t necessary. There are a plethora of new designs and prints, as well as hair pieces, flesh tone parts and new elements and recolours.

Each Minifigure has its own pros & cons but generally the series is a win!

Thank you for joining us and reading this comprehensive review and run-through of the latest LEGO Marvel Series 2 CMF!

Please head down to the comments and let us know your thoughts on them all and which one is your favourite, we’d love to know.


I would like to thank Mark a.k.a @Brick_Beat for helping me source a full set of the Minifigures, I really appreciate the help and support.

Thank you to Martin @boombrickz, for giving his opinion on each Minifigure, he is mine and the other Brick Boyz go to for anything Marvel related, he definitely knows his stuff!


LEGO Marvel CMF Series 2



The Packaging 8.7
The Minifigures 10
Unique Parts/Prints 9.3
The Cost (£3.49) 10
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