The same Mexican LEGO Certified Store has revealed two more sets, one Marvel and the other DC!

Rumours have surrounded these two for a while now it is so good to finally see and share them with you today.

LEGO Marvel Infinity Saga Sanctuary II Endgame Battle 76237:

A new addition to the LEGO Marvel Infinity Saga lineup comes in the form of the Sanctuary II which is Thanos’ ship.


LEGO DC Batman Cowl Classic TV Series 76238:

The second follows suit from the recent and popular LEGO DC Batman Cowl, in the form of the Classic Batman Cowl that Adam West worn in the Classic TV Series.

The set will consist of 372 pieces and is available for pre-order now at £54.99$59.99.

Both sets have been listed on and will be available 1st October.

The other set reveal that came from the Mexican LEGO Certified Store is the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader’s Meditation Chamber 75296, which comes a little earlier, August!

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