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I a surprising turn of events LEGO have discounted the recently released LEGO Ideas Table Football (21337) set!

We all have seen the recent price increases LEGO have brought in, add that to the plethora of large sets that have dropped, it has been a very expensive year. The price of some sets has been questionable at best, one in particular, Ideas Table Football, sparked controversy due to the spectacular difference in design from the original fan submission. The price point was also in the firing line being £214.99, granted it has a ton of Minifigures, but a lot of us complained. Thankfully LEGO have reduced the set by 30%, bringing it down to what many think should have been the RRP in the first place.

Nows the best time to grab this set if you’re after it, I must when I had a quick go in my local LEGO store it was great fun, although small.

There are also a handful of GWPs and Double Points to add to your order, making the deal even better!

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