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LEGO Ideas is full of amazing builds, today’s feature is definitely one of them. The Greenhouse By SoGenius106 looks spectacular with its pastel green colour scheme and gold accents.

The Greenhouse is a place where you can appreciate the beauty plants have to offer. – SoGenius106

Inspired by Victorian Greenhouses, the design is very extravagant with curly accents, a ton of windows and of course a plethora of Flowers. From the outside this looks as though it’ll slot into a LEGO Cityscape extremely easily, along side official LEGO Modulars. This would be very appealing to most City builders & collectors, it could even be in the centre of a Park area.

Head inside and you’re presented with a rather lovely interior that includes a Flower patch home to hydrangeas, lavender, palms, mushrooms and pumpkins to name a few such. Head furthin and you’ll get to the Tea roomzwhere you can relax with a Cup of tea and a Biscuit.

This product idea is made up of 2,527 pieces, quite an impressive feat of you ask me. The roof section is removable, meaning you can get access to the interior and really appreciate what went on this build!

I built this because I always had a love for conservatories, the warmth, scent, and feeling of plants really make me have an appreciation for these structures. – SoGenius106

I personally really like this idea, hence it being featured, it shows you what can be done with LEGO in a multitude of different ways, using uncommon colours and making something truly unique.

We wish SoGenius106 the best of luck in the quest for 10k supporters, we really hope to see this product idea come to fruition. Please use the links below to show your support, signing up for a LEGO Ideas account is free and easy, supporting an idea is even easier, do it!

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