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  • Set contains 9037 pieces
  • RRP $600 (USD)
  • Release date sometime in November.
  • News coming 13th November!
  • Gift with Purchase will be a Chariot with Roman Minifigure and two brick-built horses.

There is a new huge set on the way and it has 1500 more pieces than LEGO’s largest ever set!

Ryan McNaught’s Lego Colosseum – 200,000 parts!

An image has been leaked recently of a new Architecture style set, The Colosseum!

As with all unreleased LEGO news we have strict instructions not to share any images. We can however discuss certain details surrounding it.

So, this going to overtake the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (75192) set for having the most pieces – with a suggested piece count of 9,000! 

The slated release date isn’t far away either, November. LEGO has been releasing new sets within weeks of officially announcing them, with this new Colosseum set continuing that new trend.

Being larger in piece count is where this set ends it’s record breaking reign, as the price is lower than the LEGO Millennium Falcon, with a rumoured RRP of €599.99, approximatly £550 / $700!

LEGO Ideas Colosseum by SkyWalter

With regards to the actual build the first thing that strikes me is how potentially repeatative it will become, building and clipping each segment together to form the main Colosseum body.

The second is the amount of Tan coloured bricks and pieces included will be dominating. I don’t usually sort my parts out before a build but with this one you may have to! Among a sea of Tan trying to find each part, especially the smaller ones, will be difficult and time consuming. Given that it’s rumoured to have 9,000 pieces it’s going to take a while anyway.

However the curves look and work really well in LEGO form and it was inevitable that LEGO would produce something along these lines.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, would you get bored of constructing a 9,000 piece set?

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  1. Wow, that’s huge! Probably not on my list of needs, but I do love the Architecture line, having 5 sets. It will definitely be popular.

    1. There’s no doubt that it’ll be popular, LEGO always hits the mark with their sets. It’s just not one I’ll be getting, not my cup of tea 😉

  2. Hi

    Any update on this set? I really hope that it is true 🙂 I can t wait to build it.

    1. No news yet sorry, it certainly is taking its time 😅

  3. So looking forward to this set having visited the Colosseum back in 2016. The only thing stopping me getting it is the size. 9000 pieces is going to be huge.

    1. I’ve never been but would love to, definitely on the bucket list! I agree it’s going to be huge and for a lot of fans it’ll be lack of space that’s the issue. Still going to be really impressive though!

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