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If you’re a fan of LEGO and Minifigures but long for certain characters from a bygone age that aren’t officially produced by LEGO? We highly recommend that you check out, they use genuine LEGO parts to print onto!

A lot of their catalogue focuses on Movies & TV shows, with a nice sprinkling of custom printed tiles, jewellery and other elements. Their personalisation is top notch and a service I’ve used a lot over the years, from names on torsos to custom designed expressions for my Sigfig.

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This article will highlight characters from classic British TV Shows from over the years, how many do you recognise? We’ll pop links throughout this page so you can shop with ease, these links contain a 10% discount that automatically reduces your basket amount.

Only Fools and Horses:

From the classic British sitcom Only Fools and Horses, present to you three of the key characters in minifigure form; please welcome mini Rodney, mini Del Boy and mini Uncle Albert. Highlights of the trio are Del’s custom printed flat cap, Rodney’s camo outfit (including custom arms) and the delightfully bushy beard of Uncle Albert.

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If you’re a fan of British sitcoms, then you might like these little chaps. Great to add to your Minifigure collection, and they make an adorable gift too!

Richie comes with a double-sided head, Eddie can be seen with or without his hat on, and both characters come with printing on the back, front and sides.

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“Get out, get out libidinous swine!”

Look how cute these mini Blockadder and Baldbricks are – custom designed and printed onto genuine LEGO parts. Check out Blockadder’s ruff! Inspired by ‘Blackadder II’ and all of its grimy, Elizabethan glory!

Buy them as a pair or on their own.

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Father Ted:

Yes, you can now own your own little versions of the iconic priests and housekeeper from Craggy Island. Just be careful around Father Jack.

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Red Dwarf:

Get your custom Red Dwarf fix here! Arnold ‘Ace‘ Rimmer, The Cat, Lister, Kryten, and Dwayne Dibley are all present and correct in tiny minifigure form.

All figs available separately.

In this set, you also get all the awesome accessories too!  Using genuine LEGO parts, we reprinted them to recreate some of your favourite characters from the beloved Red Dwarf series.

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The IT Crowd:

Have you tried disassembling and reassembling it again?

Based on the hit UK show The IT Crowd, these minifigs won’t help you with any IT problems but they will look great in your collection!

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Top Gear:

Go on a grand tour with little minifigures!  Why not create your own road trip adventure using your very own custom minifigs?  Just keep Jeremy away from the other minifigs.  He gets…. stressed.

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We hope you enjoyed this step into the past with out run down of classic British TV Show characters from Please let us know if you want more via the comments section below.

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