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I’m Mark, from Brick Beat, I share my adventures in the World of LEGO via Instagram, building new sets, live streaming, and posting my favourite Minifigure every Monday using #MinifigureMonday. Please feel free to follow me and join me on this exciting journey.

As it’s Easter Monday here in the UK I had to choose a Easter themed minifigure.

This week’s Minifigure Monday Easter Bunny Guy (HOL116)!

The Easter Bunny Guy appears in the Easter holiday set which was available as a free gift item as well as being available to purchase in some stores.
Over here in the UK it was even available from Sainsbury’s supermarkets over the Easter holidays in 2018.

My thoughts:

First of all the box the minifigure comes in can be kept as a nice way to display the minifigure.
The box is made to look like a little hut with windows on each side and a door on the front revealing the Bunny Guy.

The first thing you notice is a buck tooth printing to the face. Giving a great expression of a bunny.
This one only has the 1 side of print on the head but it does come with a cool head/bunny ear piece.

The torso has a nice print showing his bow tie and jacket.
The legs are just plain white.

On the back of the box is some artwork with a Easter egg that’s been decorated with paint…
So as accessories you get a small Easter egg with blue decorations and a paint brush with a blue tip making it look like he has been decorating the egg.

Minifigure information:

  • Name: Easter Bunny Guy
  • Number: HOL116
  • Released: 2018
  • Sets: Easter Bunny Hut (5005249)
  • Parts: 6 (including accessories)
  • Accessories: 2 (Easter Egg and Paintbrush)
  • Current Value: New: £2.76 / Used: £2.09

All information from BrickSet is correct at date of review)


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I’m Mark (Brick Beat), I share my adventures in the World of LEGO via Instagram, building new sets, live streaming, and posting my favourite Minifigure every Monday using #MinifigureMonday.

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