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We’re back with a brand new Rebrickable feature, this time it’s an alternative build for the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Castle (31120)!

There are many alt builds for this small but awesome Castle set, but this one really caughty eye as the creator, MIJbricks, remade the recent LEGO Ideas Dungeons And Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale (21348). Being less than half the parts of the dedicated D&D set, MIJbricks had a real call on their hands, but I’m glad to say they’ve pulled it if, amazingly too I might add.

The shape and overall look of the remake it very similar to the larger set, with the tall tower, building on the left and the Castle remains on the right. Obviously there are a lot less bricks but as a whole it’s astonishing what MIJbricks has done with the parts on offer. Features of the build include;

  • The Inn, called Blight Falcons’ Inn
  • The tower and the dungeons
  • Fully furnished inn including a barrel, desk, cups for drink, bed, chimney, and mimic chest
  • Full interior for the tower and dungeons including ladders, skeletons, book, stairs, fireplace, altar, potion room, and dragon’s nest with an egg

The LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Castle (31120) set this alternative build is based on has since been discontinued and therefore a lot more expensive to purchase on the secondary market. The MOCs and Mods MIJbricks has produced gives the set a new sense of life and opens up the 3-in-1 set to a much higher number, check out their other builds here.

All the instructions for the Castle builds are free, making the appeal so much better. I have the set currently sat in storage and in randomly built chunks, so I will definitely be giving this a go sometime soon. Will you? Let us know how you get on via the comments section below.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s feature as much as we did, it’s a great alt build. You can find this build, including the free digital instructions, by MIJbricks on Rebrickable.

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