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When it comes to choosing an idea to feature I take a few things into consideration, one of them is display-ability. I ask myself would I want it sat on my shelf, would the build interest me and is it generally a cool looking set. Today’s LEGO Ideas Feature is by Stargazer and their Antique Telescope!

You may recognise the name as one of their ideas gain the required 10k support but sadly didn’t get approved, you can check it out here > The Kit-Cat Clock.

As you can see the project idea is inspired by a generic looking Telescope, one you’d find tucked away in atics or in the corner of a room gathering dust. The classic shape Stargazer has gone for works so well in LEGO form and even comes with a display option, the three legs allow you to sit this on display and never worry about it toppling over.

I find it to be very similar to the recent LEGO Disney Walt Disney Tribute Camera (43230) set and would look amazing sat side-by-side.

Today, telescopes all come in different sizes, shapes and technologies, some are sent across the cosmos to better photograph galaxies, others sleep in the attics of millions of homes – Stargazer

The while build consists of 376 pieces and measures a respectable 40cm high and 45cm long, making it the perfect conversation starter in any room of the house. What’s so good about this model is it has great articulation and can be turned a full 360°, you can also adjust the height of the tripod!

Having had a Telescope similar to this when I was younger, it would be top of my wishlist if/when LEGO produce it. It would be such an enjoyable experience to build and see just how Stargazer put it all together and what special techniques he used.

So, please click the link below and support this incredible looking project and help it gain the 10k supporters it requires. Thank you!

Official LEGO Ideas page:

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