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This week’s LEGO Ideas feature is brought to you by someone that has appeared a few times on The Brick Post and already has a set under his belt, Ben Alder (Benlouisa) is back. After his success with the wonderful Winnie the Pooh set, he’s back with a brand new idea. Based on a classic book from Beatrix Potter, this idea is full of life, iconic children’s characters and carrots, introducing Peter Rabbit!

Seeing this for the first time was a real treat and I instantly knew what it was, from the books and many iterations of the character in TV shows and movies. Experiencing it in LEGO form is truly something special and one I hope will make it through the rounds and become a real purchasable set.

Lets Go! Dash off to Peter’s Burrow or explore Mr McGregor’s Garden in this exciting build. – Benlouisa

The set is a tree stump that opens up to reveal Peter’s home, open the door and walk inisde to see a whole host of smart builds and aesthetically pleasing designs. From the shelves filled with cups, teapots and more to the dining table and blue & white chequered bed spread. Ben is great at creating these details the add so much to the overall look and build, especially when it comes to trees.

If you have the Winnie the Pooh set then you’ll see a couple of similarities, the opening up of the main build and the tree itself, Pooh also lives in a tree. The stump itself looks great and very natural, as LEGO can get anyway, with roots and other gnarly bits.

There are three Minifigures included in the build, Benjamin Rabbit, Mr Todd and of course Peter Rabbit. These characters in Minifigure form look stunning and Ben has done a great job with customising the heads to suit. You can tell who is who without any effort at all, with their items of clothing and accessories. Which one is your favourite out of the three?

Alsoiincluded is a rather cool side-build, which could honestly be a separate set altogether. Mr McGregor’s veg garden is in full bloom, complete with carrots and other Rabbit favourites. The raised beds, upturn flower pots and white fence look amazing, the way Ben has created the hedge is great and it really works well.

That’s not all, the veg-patch also opens up to allow for different scene options. This is great for display and when taking photos to create social media posts or stories.

We would like to wish Ben the best of luck in gaining the required 10k support. If you like the look of this idea and would like to give your support, please use the links below. Registration is free to LEGO Ideas and only takes a minute, so head over there now and do your part!

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