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My other hobby and passion, besides LEGO, is gaming. Be it a good shoot ’em up, modern racing, or a good old classic, you’ll often catch me relaxing with a game or two.

Seeing this next product idea, on, really got my nostalgia going as it not only represents a whole generation and their introduction into gaming but also everyone knows or has at least heard of PAC-MAN!

The ideas creator, BrickBuiltBabe, has produced something that any gaming and LEGO fan would love to display in their home. After seeing this it made me wonder why hasn’t this be done before!

It’s premise is similar to that of the recent LEGO Art theme, it differs slightly by the way it’s built. The edges and inner walls are built out and are 3D with PAC-MAN and the Ghosts fitting & sitting within them.

Waka waka waka waka will instantly come to mind when you walk into a room to see this displayed.

I really hope the bits PAC-MAN eats along the way are glow in the dark, what would really push this design and product idea over the edge.

I really like how the Ghosts and of course PAC-MAN look,the creator has done a superb job in recreating and bring them to life. They’re built using a combination of 1×1 quarter circle tiles (25269) and recoloured plate 1×2 with 3 teeth (15208) elements. 

The iconic PAC-MAN logo sits proud at the top and looks stunning might I add. I certainly hope that and the other designs are printed if/when it gets choosen, sets of this calibre don’t usually contain stickers so fingers crossed.


A recreation of stage one, this delightful piece is created with just over 700 pieces

This wall art is based on the first stage from the timeless classic PAC-MAN and consists of over 700 pieces. It measures a respectable 16.4 x 16.5 inches (41.6 x 41.9cm), so would certainly be a conversation starter in anyone’s home!

As of the publication of this feature goes out the creator, BrickBuiltBabe, has just passed the 100 supporter milestone, very well done and a big congratulations to reaching it so quickly.

We wish you the best of luck with the next two milestones and hope to one day see this on store shelves!


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