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I must confess, user LEGOtruman is among my favorite LEGO Ideas contributors. He submitted Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’, currently available in stores, along with some other awesome contributions that made it into the review stage. My personal favorites are his brick built animals like the cats, koala and sea turtle. Sadly the ones reviewed by LEGO were not chosen to be sets, but you can still vote for the Sea Turtle!

This build is inspired by the Legend of Chang E and the moon-rabbit. The model shows a fantasy scene of a palace built inside a floating crescent moon. The architecture of the palace is steeped in Asian tradition. Furthermore the scenery includes some really nicely designed trees. 

The Palace itself it very reminiscent of LEGO Friends, from the colour choice of parts used and the open, airy, feel of the set. I particularly like the detailing on the roof sections and the crosshatch windows. Looking at the palace from the back it’s divided in a few different rooms, making it both a cool play and display set.

The Minifigures included are also great with the three main characters making an appearance, Wu Gang, Chang E and Moon Rabbit. LEGOtruman has done a wonderful job recreating them in LEGO form.

Overall the project idea looks fantastic and would make for a perfect shelf sitter. I like the creasent Moon shape, it’s very aesthetically pleasing, I can imagine lights dotted over the surface, taking it to the next level!

We would like to wish LEGOtruman the best of luck in gaining the required 10k support. If you like the look of this idea and would like to give your support, please use the links below. Registration is free to LEGO Ideas and only takes a minute, so head over there now and do your part!

Official LEGO Ideas page:

LEGO Ideas profile LEGOtruman:


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