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There seems to be a trend forming where LEGO releases certain ‘smaller’ Ideas submissions as GWPs (gift with purchase), the Space Rocket Ride (40335) and most recently the Vintage Car (40448)

I can see this week’s LEGO Ideas Feature falling into this category, and I mean that in the nicest of ways. It’s a great little build and full of character!

Introducing the Greengrocer’s Three-Wheeler and Market-Stall by DubloLord.

This small but highly detailed build consists of a humble Greengrocer, stall with canopy, and his trusty three-wheeled ride.

The three-wheeler is inspired by the iconic italian Piaggio Ape.

The colour scheme, pastel, suits this idea down to the ground, from the white and soft pink canopy to the light blue trike, even Mr Greengrocer himself has a very fetching green overall and looks at home tending to his stall and making deliveries.

His stall looks full and fresh with an abundance of greens to purchase. I wonder where he gets his produce from, perhaps a nearby allotment or local farmer? Either way it would look very appealing to any Minifigure passing by!

The construction of the stall looks simple yet strong with a long tile either side to keep the canopy up. I particularly like the cabbage/lettuce piece and wish LEGO produced more elements like this, it would sure help with MOCs and alike.

His mode of transport is based loosely on the iconic Italian Piaggio Ape, with a few minor alterations, most obvious of which are the pull-out compartments. Mr Greengrocer uses these to transport and presumably deliver his goods to Minifigures around the town.

I really like how compact yet fully functional this little vehicle is, from the iconic curves and three wheels to the boxes that slide out the back.

The included Minifigure, the Greengrocer, sports a rather trendy moustache. He wakes up in the morning and slips on his Green overalls, pops his flat cap on, and trundels off to his stall for another day’s graft.

As a Minifigure collector I honestly like the look of this one. We rarely see the overall/dungaree torso and leg combo so this would definitely make a nice change. The same can be said for the flat cap and moustache pieces, they seem to be a growing trend in the real World but yet LEGO never really include any, strange. However this little guy looks the part and finishes the set off nicely!

It is wonderful to see someone, DubloLord, make something so wonderful and quaint that would fit into anyone’s collection and Cityscape, and at the same time invoke the imaginations of younger fans to play as and recognise the smaller, independent side of business.

DubloLord has done a marvellous job here and we wish him all the best in his journey to 10k, or becoming the third GWP.

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