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When I’m not building & playing with LEGO you’ll often find me pursuing my other hobby, gaming. Being a late 80s, early 90s child I probably had the best of both Worlds, playing new and innovative games whilst also having access to the classics, such as Super Mario Bros, Sonic, and a game that today’s LEGO Ideas Feature is shining a light on, Donkey Kong!

The product idea is by someone we’ve featured before, If You Build It. He has previously had an idea that reached the 10k supporter requirement but sadly wasn’t choosen to become a real set. Check out his profile at LEGO Ideas for the resubmitted Retro Arcade.

Straight off the bat, the Donkey Kong product idea looks great and is one I’d happy purchase, build, and display pride of place in my collection. I know there’s a LEGO Super Mario theme already but this is kind of what I expected from it rather than the cumbersome Mario, Luigi, and Peach interactive devices we got given.

Dioramas are now a thing at LEGO, with the handful of sets from the LEGO Star Wars theme, so If You Build It‘s Donkey Kong scene would fit right at home.

The creator has done a wonderful job in capturing the visual style and essence of the game really well, with the neon pinks and blues, along with the stark plain black background.

Also included in the product idea is a fully brick-built Donkey Kong himself, complete with barrel, ready to hurtle down the ramps. The way he has been built is quite genius too, using a lot of bigger Technic pieces and tubes.

Beside him is Pauline (I had to Google who it was!) in proper Minifigure form. LEGO should take note here and start producing Super Mario Minifigures. How cool would it be to have Mario and the gang in Minifigure form, I’d grab them day one!

As stated in the official LEGO Ideas description, the submission has 800 pieces, which is quite a surprisingly low amount for what it looks like, although the base/plinth must contain a good chunk of those parts.

Overall this product idea by If You Build It is very well executed and deserves your support, so please head over to the official page and click that button, it would be hugely appreciated!

Official LEGO Ideas page:


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