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Another week closer to Christmas and another festive themed LEGO Ideas Feature, brought to you by Bricky_Brick and their wonderful Claus Toys modular!

You may recognise the name if you’re a regular visitor to the Ideas website, Bricky_Brick is a 10k Club Member. Sadly their Costume Shop idea was not approved.

Thankfully they’re back and this time with a very Christmassy modular, that features a ton of details and seven Minifigures, including Mr & Mrs Claus.

The exterior looks amazing with lots of architectural elements that make this idea one worth supporting, from the layered and jutting-out bricks to the angled front entrance, the whole building is a sight to see. You’ll find new bits you’ve missed the more you look.

It features a Workshop, where Santa and his Elves make Toys, a Store, and a Sports shop that mostly sells Winter sporting goods.

I’m a sucker for LEGO Modulars so if this product idea ever came to fruition I’d be there day one to purchase it. It looks absolutely fabulous and set at my favourite time of a year, Christmas.

Perhaps what interests me the most when looking at this idea is the extra work Bricky_Brick has done to allow access to certain spaces inside, it’s a great design that LEGO should adopt themselves. Some of the back walls can be swung open to not only see inside better but to get larger fingers and hands in to rearrange and take photos. This is a great Addon and one I’d love to see more of in Modulars.

The set isn’t just a pretty face, it includes seven Minifigures too, which help populate and fill the many roles inside the inner works of Claus Toys:

  • Mr.Claus
  • Mrs. Claus
  • Claus’ Niece
  • Elf Assistant
  • Athlete and Sports store owner
  • Child with sled
  • Little girl with letter

Thank you for taking the time to read this short but awesome LEGO Ideas Feature, we hope you like this week’s entry, if you do please use the official links below to support it, myself and Bricky_Brick appreciate it immensely.

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