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First we’d like to give a big congratulations to Ben! His Winnie the Pooh idea made it, not only to 10,000 supporters, but passed the review stage and is now being developed by LEGO into a psychical and purchasable set!

We were lucky enough to have a chat with Ben, to find out what inspired him to take on such a beloved character, to his first reaction when hearing the amazing news.

How and when did you become interested in LEGO?

I have always been interested in LEGO from as early as I can remember. I remember sitting for hours with my parents building and creating things whilst they helped me find that one tiny part I was looking for. My love for LEGO has continued and is now even bigger since having two young children that I share my love of LEGO with.

As well as creating models do you collect official sets too?

Yes I love the modular buildings, my first modular building set was the Parisian restaurant. I also love some of the one off sets like the recent Treehouse. I also have a huge love for minifigures and really enjoy collecting them.

What was the inspiration behind this project?

I have always loved Winnie the Pooh and wanted to create my two children a set that they could sit and recreate our bedtime stories with. So my inspiration for making it was certainly my family and the love of Winnie the Pooh.

Did you experience any difficulties along the way when developing this project?

It was quite tricky to get the tree in proportion with the house.

How long did the project take from initial idea to finished model and how many pieces did it take to complete?

I can’t quite remember. It took a few weeks to come up with the basic design and then I just kept adding and changing it a bit once I built it out of bricks.

What changes do you think LEGO would make, if any?

I’m not sure to be honest.

What were your thoughts when you first heard your project had successfully passed review?

I was in total shock and still am. I genuinely can’t believe that it is going to happen. It’s made both mine and my families dream come true. It’s just amazing. I can’t thank everyone enough for there support and kind words that everyone has made.

How do you feel knowing that fans will be able to purchase your creation?

I still can’t get my head around this but feel very honoured. My little boy is so excited to be able to go into a shop and buy a set that “Daddy” designed which is all rather exciting as well.

What words of wisdom would you give for others planning to submit their own projects to LEGO Ideas?

Make a project that you are passionate about and enjoy making. Then hopefully your love for making it will come out in your build.

What else have you been working on that might give you a 2nd success?

My latest creation is a Looney Tunes build which was fun to do. Looney Tunes – Bugs Bunny’s House

Many thanks Ben for taking the time to talk with us and we wish you all the best with your future projects!

Show your support and head over to Ben’s LEGO Ideas creations page.

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