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Minifigures are a big deal to LEGO and collectors, the humble little plastic people that we know and love were first conceived in 1978 (movable arms/legs) and have been a staple of many LEGO sets since. The very first character to be made was a Policeman, which was reimagined in Collectible Minifigure Series 18, it happened to be very rare and sought-after because it was limited to one per box.

LEGO also specialise in licensed characters, from Start Wars, Jurassic Park/World, Marvel, DC and so many more. With a ton of Mini under their belt there seems to be a never ending selection to collect, add new and unreleased sets to the mix and were are very spoilt as fans. Of course there are a ton of characters LEGO have yet to do from themes that don’t exist yet, but which iconic characters would you like to see in Minifigure form? That’s today’s big question, so please comment below with your prized list of movie stars, singers, TV show actros, characters, historical figures and so many more other sources of inspiration.

For me personally I would love to see an Alien Minifigure from Ridley Scott’s 1979 cult classic series of movies, along with Ripley and the Nostromo crew. To be honest any character from any 80’s movie would be great, that was a great decade for movies, with the likes of GhostBusters, Die Hard, Back to the Future and so many more, come on LEGO, pull your finger out, us AFOLs want an 80’s theme!

Who would you like to see as a LEGO Minifigure?

Don’t limit your decision based on the example below. It could be anyone from the damn of time, a famous actor or musician, a historical figure, a scientist, a fictional character, the pool to pick from is unlimited, so choose wisely.

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