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I’m Monique from thebrickbheanie and I have been collecting LEGO since 2021. I share my adventures online via Instagram, these include the sets I purchase and the MOCs (my own creations) I make.

There is one theme in particular that I adore the most, Brickheadz!

Let me tell you a little bit about my collection so far and the theme in general. It all started with the very first LEGO Brickheadz set back in 2016 which was Batman (41585) from the LEGO Movie.

The biggest set released to date is the Spice Girls Tribute Set (40548), this consists of 5 individual Brickheadz, those being the members of the hugely popular 90s Girl band the Spice Girls.

Being relatively new to the world of LEGO I have sadly missed out on so many great looking characters, I started collecting Brickheadz since 2021 but despite that my collection is growing nicely. 

I really enjoy building them as they all look unique due to being different themes and characters, but all Brickheadz have a similar blocky (excuse the pun) look so when displaying they all look beautiful together regards of if you only collect Disney ones for example or if you have a mixture in your collection, as I do.

The first set I purchased was Hamsters (40482), it has 243 pieces and is based on a Hamster and it’s Baby. It caught my eye when I began collecting as I had Hamsters as pets and the builds themselves looked them. The set has since retired but it started my love for Brickheadz and I am now the proud owner of 7 sets in total, hoping to up that soon.

My personal collection:

  • Hamster (40482)
  • Goldfish (40442)
  • Birthday Clown (40348)
  • Woody and Bo Peep (40553)
  • Buzz Lightyear (40552)
  • Chip and Dale (40550)
  • Wall-E and Eve (40619)

If you haven’t already I would highly recommend taking a look at the selection of Brickheadz on offer the next time you visit the LEGO Store, whether that’s in person or online.

Thank you for reading my first ever article for The Brick Post, I truly appreciate your time. I hope you enjoyed this BrickHeadz appreciation post as much as I did writing it!

Happy Building.

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Hi! Thebrickbheanie here.

I am an AFOL that builds LEGO Sets and MOCs. I have built and collected LEGO since 2021 and mostly do LEGO CITY sets.

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