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Earlier in the year we hosted a special Instagram live stream where you got to build a brand new character to star in our very own comic story. After a series of votes and viewer suggestions Det. Fluffbucket was created, ordered using the create-a-fig at (10% off your order link).

The look and overall personality of the character came out well and we started developing a story and a number of MOCs that suited the Detective theme. Again through follower interaction and polls his office was created, which included adding a grand mahogany desk, newspaper clippings of past cases and more.

Det. Fluffbucket does have a basic back story, well more of a brief introduction of what he likes to be precise. He’s recently moved to a new area and getting stuck into his work. His Cat Philosophy, Phil for short, made the move with him, he’s his pet and currently only friend.

His music of choice when in the office or driving is Fleetwood Mac, he can’t get enough of the iconic band. Read more about him below:

For the past few weeks we have worked on developing the look and story for his comic debut, we’re pleased to share with you today the first couple of pages and the official introduction of Det. Fluffbucket and his next case.

As the story continues we’ll update it here as a comic and downloadable PDF file.

Issue 1 – The Case of the Toxic Sausage:

Download (PDF):

Det. Fluffbucket Issue 1 Part 1

Det. Fluffbucket Issue 1 Part 2

Det. Fluffbucket Issue 1 Part 3

Det. Fluffbucket Issue 1 Part 4

Det. Fluffbucket Issue 1 Part 5

So get your thinking caps on and head over to our Instagram account to have your say in what happened next!

To design & order your own character or Sigfig please use this link, it will automatically add a 10% discount to your basket.

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