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Don’t you just hate missing out, especially when LEGO is concerned!

It’s a common practice in the world of LEGO to retire sets, it doesn’t get any easier knowing that one day the set(s) we want become harder and considerably more expensive to source. We get reasonable notice of which sets are due to be discontinued but since when do we act on that? Personally I take note of which sets I want but never actually pull trigger and purchase them, resulting in losing out and fainting at the secondary market prices they now go for.

There have been many sets produced since the dawn of LEGO, from Castle and Pirate themed builds to highly limited Comic Con ones. Recent sets are just the same and hold the same outcomes, retirement is inevitable. So my question to you today is, which set are you most upset about missing out on? Leave your comments below.

For me my biggest regret is not picking up the LEGO Stranger Things set. It’s one I saw reelase and completely pass me by before I even thought about adding it toy collection. Since then the set has continued to go up in price and is now out of my reach, if only I could win the Lottery. Another set to escapey grasp was LEGO Ghostbusters HQ. It would slide intoy (future) City extremely easily. Of course we must not dwell on the past and what could have been as there are plenty of new LEGO sets dropping this year. 

That’s enough about me, I want to know what you missed out on, which now retired LEGO set slipped through your fingers? Use the comments section below.

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