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Hi guys – thebrickbheanie here!

This post is all to do with LEGO-ing on a budget.

Step one is to work out your LEGO spend limit – that is what you can afford each month on LEGO without getting into money difficulties. That could be £10 or £100 plus depending on your income.

Step two is to always stay within your budget – this can be hard as FOMO (fear of missing out) is something us LEGO lovers struggle with, especially when GWPs (gift with purchase) are concerned. Plan you spend around these gifts or Double LEGO Insiders Points. But that being said it is always best to stay within your means whilst enjoying your hobby.

Step three is to try and not compare your budget, or yourself, to others. Comparison is a joy killer and usually leads to feeling down about the hobby you love – the main thing is to enjoy what you’re buying and building.

Some good tips and tricks for budgeting can be:

  • Looking at what is coming out each month and make a note of any that catch your eye and their price.
  • If your budget is small – expand your brick inventory by getting some bricks off of the PaB (Pick-a-Brick) wall or your minifigure collection.
  • Only buy sets you really want – not just popular or trending sets at the time.
  • If you don’t have enough money that month save it across a few months to be able to get the set(s) you really want.

It helps to remember that having a budget to stick too doesn’t limit the amazing fun you can have with LEGO and it certainly doesn’t make you less of a fan for not having a large collection or bigger budget to spend. Loving your collection is all that counts, after all, it’s yours!

I hope this has article has been helpful, let me know what you think of it via the comments section below. As always, enjoy your sets and builds!


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Hi! Thebrickbheanie here.

I am an AFOL that builds LEGO Sets and MOCs. I have built and collected LEGO since 2021 and mostly do LEGO CITY sets.

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