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With the new Marvel Shang-Chi movie releasing in theaters 3rd September (UK), I thought it was appropriate to build and review the latest offering of LEGO Marval Polybag – LEGO Marvel Shang-Chi and The Great Protector Polybag (30454)!

Polybag packaging

Obviously I’ve not seen the movie yet as it isn’t out, but I have watched the trailer a few times to see if any of the LEGO polybag makes any sense.

It features a scaled down version of The Great Protector, who we’ve seen before in LEGO-form, but much bigger in one of the sets released at the start of August; Battle at the Ancient Village (76177).

The Great Protector – Water Dragon

The parts used are really nice and varied, the three main colours used are White, Dark Red, and Light Aqua, we also see Dark Stone Grey for the ball joints and hinges.

Bits & pieces to mention

As you’d imagine this creature has a lot of articulation with four ball & socket joints in use. The head and legs are hinged giving them a more realistic, limited, movement.

There is also a 1×2 upwards SNOT piece that attaches to the creatures back, this allows Shang-Chi to stand and attach to. A nice little inclusion that adds a lot of playability!

Shang-Chi & The Great Protector

The Minifigure, Shang-Chi, is pretty decent and has an impressive print on the torso, so much so that I’d say he matches his on screen counterpart exactly. It has been designed well and the final print is crisp and detailed.

He does have an alternate face/expression which is nothing new and we’ve seen countless times before. Don’t get me wrong it’s great to get dual faces, but something new and character related would have been more fitting, especially in a movie tie-in LEGO Polybag.

Shang-Chi Minifigure

I also feel they could have included some arm printing although I do understand it costs more. The legs are plain black but I’m happy with that.

He comes with a gold staff, which does look cool when positioning the Minifigure in certain poses, sadly he doesn’t come with any rings, one would have been a nice touch, what with the movie being called ‘Legend of Ten Rings‘!

Shang-Chi in action

Overall a great little polybag that brings a lot of fun and enjoyment whilst building. Getting a Shang-Chi Minifigure for free (GWP) is nice as spending £29.99 to £34.99 to get him, and others, is a little steep.

I may check out the other two sets in time but for now this polybag will suffice. Saying that after watching the movie I may run straight out and grab both, as then I would have seen the characters and know what they’re about.

The Great Protector build is small but fun and does match the larger one in terms of looks and articulation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review, we really appreciate it. Please leave any comments or questions about the set below.


LEGO Shang-Chi and The Great Protector Polybag (30454)



The Build 8
The Minifigure 9
The Cost (GWP) 10
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