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We recently had the chance to build and review the larger scale LEGO Vespa 125 (10298), which as a display piece worked incredibly well, it did however start to fall apart when ‘played’ with resulting in the lower score it received.

To accompany it we knew the smaller LEGO Creator Vespa (40517) was needed, so we headed out to our local LEGO Store (Southampton) to grab it, amongst other things of course.

We once again built this during an Instagram live stream and had great fun doing so. Please feel free to follow us and join in!

The Box & Contents:

These LEGO Creator sets are usually only the small side and that’s fine by me, I skipped the LEGO Taxi and Tuk Tuk as they were both not to Minifigure scale, being just under or just over, making them a tough choice to get or not.

The LEGO Creator Vespa (40517) is of course way too big for Minifigures but that’s fine as it is considerably larger than them, making my decision easier to grab it.

The box is covered head to toe in graphics and features a somewhat generated Italian background that is a few tones of yellow at best but really allows the red Vespa to standout!

On the reverse we see the Vespa at a different angle as well as a more secluded area of Italy as the background.

A small sticker sheet and Instruction manual is included in the box along with two unnumbered bags. You’ll see the three stickers feature some additional detail for the Vespa such as the licence plate that reads ‘Vespa 1946‘, the Year the Vespa was born.

The Build:

It’s pretty much ‘once you start you’re almost finished’ setup as the set is so small, but there are some cool techniques along the way that spark a little interest. Building both halves separately and connecting them at the end to complete the set.

Chuck in a handful of SNOT (studs not on top) sections and you have a pretty decent looking micro Vespa scooter!

What really grabs me about the whole build is the way they’ve designed and built the front curved shield part and wheel hood. It works incredibly well and the designers have done a great job recreating such an iconic section of the Vespa.

Primarily using curved plates & tiles to achieve the desired effect and the inclusion of the Vespa sticker really set this little set off. Building the two foot plates/wells and the way they clip on at two separate points is very cool and again just adds to the overall look!

There isn’t any suspension to mention which is a shame, but the pieces around both of the wheels does give the impression of it.

The Conclusion:

Overall the build is great and we’ll worth grabbing for yourself, especially if you love Vespa!

The RRP is very affordable and is ultimately what drew me to the set in the firdt place, at £8.99 you cannot go wrong.

Being a small build it doesn’t take that long at all, taking me about half an hour during the live stream video.

Thank you for reading this very short but sweet review of the LEGO Creator Vespa (40517), we really do appreciate it!

Please do let us know your thoughts on it below via the comments.



LEGO Creator Vespa (40517)



The Box 8.9
The Build 9.1
The Cost (£8.99) 9.9
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