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The latest 2023 GWP (gift with purchase) is this colorful flower pot. The set consists of 292 pieces and its spending threshold is £130/€150. It’s available from April 14-24 and if rumors are true it will return in June.

What’s surprising to me is that some of these are recolors (so far) exclusive to this set. These are:
65783 Shell 13M, w/ 3,2 shaft (4x in Bright Light Yellow) 37837 Double sphere 2X2X1 (3x in Yellow) 1566 Plant, w/ 3.2 Shaft, No. 1 (16x in Reddish Brown) I expect them to show up in other sets sooner rather than later.

LEGO has been releasing 18+ botanical sets for a few years now. I get the impression from people around me that they are quite popular. For me however, this is the first time building a botanical set. The box art for this GWP doesn’t carry the 18+/Icons/botanical branding like the other sets do. Instead it features a similar design to other ‘Limited EditionGWP sets like houses of the world. I personally liked the design with the red seal better, but in the end it’s the LEGO that counts.

The build is rather straightforward. First you build the base that keeps the vase together. A 8×8 grid plate is cleverly used so long bars can move into the base. This makes the build well balanced and sturdy. After this you’ll build the different flowers. It’s not specified what kind of flowers are included in the set. 2 pussywillow branches stand tall above the rest and some small orchid-like flowers are in the front. Other than that I can’t really judge how accurate it is, since I’m not an expert on flowers. The branches are very repetitive to build, taking up quite a few of the parts. The result looks rather beautiful I’d say. The unnamed flowers are nicer to build and there’s more variation. The orchid-like flowers in the end are the least fun part of the build in my opinion. It’s very detailed and small and the instructions aren’t clear enough to properly see how everything needs to be attached.


I must admit I really wanted this GWP just for the parts. Usually I won’t build sets I get for parts. I liked the look of this set however. And building something new to me (like flowers) sparked my curiosity further. It’s hard to see the justification for the high spending threshold in my opinion. The previous Easter Bunny GWP was a lot cheaper to get and has a similar building experience and part count. Granted, the parts are more interesting in this set because of the exclusive parts.

And that’s about the only reason I can think of why you shouldn’t get your hands on this set. Like I said, it looks really good and has great display opportunities. It might also be a great gift for Mothers Day or other opportunities to introduce family members into the LEGO hobby. So if you’re planning a LEGO purchase in the next few days or June, this might be a good promotion to look out for.

Did you get this GWP set as well? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below.


LEGO Flowerpot (40588) GWP



The Box 6
The Build 7.5
The Cost (£130 GWP threshold) 7.5
Display-ability 10
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