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Towards the end of last Year there was chatter about a GWP (gift with purchase) to coincide with the release of the new LEGO Boutique Hotel (10297), it was rumoured that the set was going to be along the lines of micro versions of recent modulars, this however was not the case and in fact no GWP was available with purchases of the Boutique Hotel.

Today, with Thanks to Brickfinder, we now have a first look at what should have possibly been available at the start of the month, LEGO Vintage Taxi (40532)

The Vintage Taxi would go well alongside the Boutique Hotel being that of the early/mid 1900 hundreds style, with its oversized front grill and unusual shape.

Consisting of 163 pieces the GWP set should be available from 28th January against purchases of £200/$200/€200, which in itself is slightly higher than the Boutique Hotels cost of £174.99.

Other regions may see a slight delay, an official statement from LEGO Singapore reads:

Between 1 and 28 February, all LCS shoppers with a purchase of at least SGD275 worth of LEGO® products will receive an exclusive Gift with Purchase 40532 Taxi Modulaire.” ~ LEGO Singapore

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