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The Droid known as D-0 was revealed earlier this year at the New York Toy Fair.

LEGO have now updated their website with official images and details.

Front box art

Back box art

Big D-O and Lil’ D-0

Different angles

Wheel close-up

Head close-up

The set consists of 519 pieces and is available for pre-order.

D-O along with other new LEGO Star Wars sets (Helmets, Razor Crest, and Brickheadz) are currently dominating the news at the moment as May the 4th is fast approaching, so be prepared to see more LEGO Star Wars news until then!

Official details:

Fans can recreate the lovable droid DO ™ from the film “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkers” as a collector’s item and recreate the authentic details in LEGO® style to create a fantastic building model and showpiece.

The model has movable antennas and the droid’s head can be tilted and rotated 360 degrees as we know it from the Star Wars ™ character. The set also includes an integrated stand, an information sign and DO as a minifigure to make collector’s hearts beat faster.

The Droide DO is part of a fantastic new LEGO® Star Wars ™ range of building models and show pieces (new from January 2020), which also includes the “Stormtrooper ™ Helmet” (75276) and “Boba Fett ™ Helmet” (75277) sets.

This cool 519-piece LEGO® Star Wars ™ construction toy gives creative Star Wars fans ages 10 and up a huge pleasure and is a perfect birthday, Christmas or surprise gift.

As a construction model, DO is 27 cm high, 10 cm wide and 16 cm deep. Although the droid takes up little space, it impresses as a spectacular showpiece in the office or in your own four walls.

This cool battery-free construction toy offers a relaxing building experience. Building the Star Wars ™ character on your own or in the family and friends is a great break from everyday stress.

Is this DO model intended for a Star Wars ™ fan who doesn’t have LEGO® sets yet? No problem. The set includes a step-by-step construction manual so that every fan can face this building challenge – with the confidence of a Jedi!

LEGO® Star Wars ™ model kits are great show pieces. Fans of all ages can build the models and then recreate legendary scenes from the Star Wars universe or come up with their own exciting stories. There is something for every fan!

LEGO® bricks have been meeting the highest industry standards since 1958. That is why you can always stick them together and easily separate them again – even without having to conjure up the dark side of the Force!

LEGO® bricks and parts are tested in almost every conceivable way so that the cool Star Wars ™ building toy “DO ™” meets the highest safety standards on earth and in far, far away galaxies.

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