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With LEGO releasing images of its Easter gift with purchase last month it’s a surprise to see a Bunny in the Minifigure Station.

This particular Bunny is brown in colour with a simple yet fitting design to his torso. White head with whiskers and rosy cheeks.

There are several new additions to the Minifigure Station, some we’ve seen and had before. Two unique elements caught my eye, the first  is the Flower head piece.

Again the mould has been used before on CMF series 18s Flower Pot Girl. This time it’s a light Blue colour. This, to me, looks really nice, and I can’t wait to personally get my hands on it and the Bunny.

The second element is a Blue Teddy Bear, which we know will be released in the upcoming Fairgrounds Minifigure Pack.

A big thank you goes out to The Brick Snapper over on Instagram for the images!


Will you be picking these new Minifigure Station items up or will you give them a miss? Let us know your thoughts in the the comments below!

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