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Yesterday saw the official reveal of this Year’s Winter Village Collection set, Holiday Main Street (10308), and with it a brand new Street Tram build. This got many train & tram fans excited and rightly so, it’s the first one in awhile!

What’s more interesting though is the fact you can add your own Powered-Up Functions to it, place it on standard LEGO tracks and watch it whizz round.

If you’re that way inclined and don’t have the parts needed to get the Street Tram moving then here is a useful list of what’s needed. Whenever a set with Powered-Up Functions possibilities is revealed there is always a stampede to get the right part, so act quickly and secure what you need before they sell out.

Along with the track, the Street Tram requires three elements to get it moving, a power hub, train motor and lights. Obviously taking them from other sets you may have makes it more affordable, but Where’s the fun in that, you’ll no doubt need to purchase them sooner or later.

Not being able to see the instructions yet can’t tell you if they’ll have a guide on how to fit the parts, but from past ex2there should be some sort of walk through be it official or from. The AFOL (Adult fan of LEGO) community.

Once the set is released, we’d love to see how you got on!

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