The Brick Post Minifigure Awards!

The Brick Post Minifigure Awards is back!

It has been a crazy year and we’ve had a lot of LEGO sets and Minifigures to build and collect. According to BrickSet there have been 804 Minifigures released throughout 2021, wow that’s a lot, how on earth can we narrow it down to just one? Yes we can!

Thank you to everyone that entered, nominated, and voted, we truly appreciate it. So who is the winner we hear you cry, see below for this years most voted for Minifigure.


And the Minifigure of the Year 2021 is…


We hope you enjoyed the voting process and seeing all the amazing nominations and rounds, we have had great fun seeing who was choosen and made it through each stage, there were certainly a lot to choose from.

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Thank you!

Minifigure of the Year 2020:

Orange Spaceman

Images and official names courtesy of  BrickSet