The Brick Post Minifigure Awards 2022!

The Brick Post Minifigure Awards is back!

It has been another crazy year and we’ve had a lot of LEGO sets and Minifigures to build and collect. According to BrickSet there have been 897 (and counting) Minifigures released throughout 2022, wow that’s a lot, how on earth can we narrow it down to just one?

That’s where you coming in, we need your suggestions to whittle the 897 Minifigures down to a more manageable amount. So tell us below which Minifigure(s) made it onto your list and we’ll add it to ours. After the nomination period has closed you’ll be able to vote for your favourites in different categories.


The final has closed for voting and the The Brick Post’s Minifigure of the Year 2022 is…

Thank you to everyone that nominated and voted, we really appreciate your support. Join us again next year, same time & place, to see what 2023 brings us!

Images and official names courtesy of  BrickSet