The Brick Post Minifigure Awards!

The Brick Post Minifigure Awards is back!

It has been a crazy year and we’ve had a lot of LEGO sets and Minifigures to build and collect. According to BrickSet there have been 804 Minifigures released throughout 2021, wow that’s a lot, how on earth can we narrow it down to just one?!

Thank you to everyone that entered and nominated a favourite Minifigure or ten. We will now hold the very first voting week with all the nominees, including Winnie the Pooh, The Mandalorian, Turquoise Brick Guy/Girl, and the whole Queer Eye gang!

Round one has now finished, welcome to the Versus round.

Below are a series of Versus events where two or the previuse round winners are pitted against each other to go into the finals – Choose wisely!

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Captain Vs Captain:

Captain America (Falcon) Vs Zombie Captain America, wait is this a What…If? episode, it could well be, but for now it’s a Versus round in our very own Minifigure Awards. So, who do you think would win this round? Sure Falcon can fly, but the Zombie is ruthless and never sleeps, it’s a tough one so choose wisely!

Going Co-Mando:

Boba Vs Din, Mando on Mando action if you will. Will the original Bounty Hunter prevail or will the new kid on the block take home the reward.

Fett is strong, experienced and a master with a blaster – Djarin is quietly confindent and knows how to kick butt. But who will win, choose wisely!

How you Doin’ – Ta-ta for now:

It’s a battle of the slogans, which one tickles your fancy the most, Joey’s How you doin’ or Tigger’s Ta-ta for now?!

With the many layers of clothing surrounding Tribbiani’s body, landing a well timed ‘bounce’ on him will be difficult, on the other hand, can Tigger out wit his equally slow witted foe? Choose wisely!

We hope you enjoyed the voting process and seeing all the amazing nominations, there were certainly a lot to get through this Year. Now we see the next round start – Versus! Be sure to follow us on our Social Media accounts (Instagram and Facebook) for when the next stage starts. Thank you!

Minifigure of the Year 2020:

Orange Spaceman

Images and official names courtesy of  BrickSet