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The Very Hungry Caterpillar By Eric Carle was first published back in 1969 and has been a part of households worldwide ever since. The fun and simplistic story of the book is it’s main appeal, entertaining young Children and Adults alike. I remember reading this when I was young, back in pre/primary School. Now I read it to my Son, passing on the story of the iconic Caterpillar

Today’s LEGO Ideas Feature is a brick-built version by Lyonsblood, a member of the 10k Club and one very talented individual. Unfortunately the submission that gained 10k supporters, The Goonies Ship, wasn’t chosen, shame as that would have been a cool set to own.

I wanted to find an IP that would be attractive to young builders but also capture the nostalgia of parents and adults – Lyonsblood

The idea itself is great, filled with colour and character, it looks spot on and matches the source material extremely well. Each section of the long body isade separately and presumably attached by ball & socket pieces, allowing for that natural Caterpillar style movement.

The face is done well and captures the little Caterpillar’s cuteness to a tee, I really hope if/when LEGO make this idea they are printed pieces rather than stickers. I can see this set being in the 4+ category with each section of the body being a larger piece, easier for little hands to hold. Not detracting from Lyonsblood idea in anyway, but with the intended audience of the book being young Children it would make sense.

Also included in the product idea are the pieces of Fruit the Caterpillar chops through on his journey through the book. These also look spot on and make perfect side builds. Not only would this set make a child friendly toy but it’s also a perfect shelf sitter for older fans, reminding them of their Childhood.

We would like to wish Lyonsblood the best of luck in gaining the required 10k support. If you like the look of this idea and would like to give your support, please use the links below. Registration is free to LEGO Ideas and only takes a minute, so head over there now and do your part!

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