LEGO sales have gone up this past Year possibly due to lockdown in many countries and the fact that a lot of us needed something to keep us busy and our minds active.

Us as fans all have different Interests when it comes to the plastic brick. From buying and building sets to working on personal projects (MOC). We all have our own ‘thing’!

So with another lockdown, here in England, set to start 5th November there have been many LEGO orders placed and trips to local stores planned to help us through it. I myself managed to get down my local, Southampton.

My sole intention was to grab some parts from the PaB (pick-a-brick) wall for a MOC I have been planning and the LEGO Star Wars Razor Crest set. So I get there just past opening time and chat to the guy manning the door. He reassured me that a delivery would be due at any time now and if the parts I wanted weren’t in then they would be shortly. I wandered around and decided to grab a coffee and pop back nearer lunchtime.

After grabbing a few other bits here & there from different shops I headed back to the LEGO Store with a slight grin on my face knowing that the small olive coloured leaves I’ve wanted for weeks would finally be mine. I went straight upto the chap that told me to pop back and asked if the parts were ready, he explained that the order hadn’t come in yet and that it may not even be today. My grin faded and I muttered ‘oh OK, not to worry’ knowing that it was the main reason for my trip into town.

LEGO Pick-a-brick

The day wasn’t entirely wasted as I did get some bits for a MOC, not the one I had planned but still. I managed to get the last scoop of the bigger Yellow leaves, some 1×2 dark orange and 1×4 teal bricks.

I also picked up the LEGO Star Wars Razor Crest 75292. If you’ve ever heard our Podcast it’s a set that I always mention and been wanting to get since launch. I’m a big fan of the Disney+ TV show and with there not being many Mandalorian sets released, just the BrickHeadz, AT-At, and Razor Crest, there’s not much to choose from. Having got the BrickHeadz and AT-AT sets it was inevitable I’d eventually pickup the Razor Crest!

Lockdown LEGO haul

Once opened I’d finally have The Child (Baby Yoda) to call my own. Its great to finally have an official LEGO one as at the beginning of the Year I had to source one from overseas.

Going to a store in person does have its advantages as you can ask if there are any freebies and left overs from other promotions. I was in luck and they bundled my purchase with not only the LEGO Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite keyring but also a LEGO 5in1 Mindstorms set and El Fuego’s Stunt Canon Polybag!

I have yet to properly sit down and look at the keyring but from taking photos and handling carefully I can confirm that it is very solid and heavy for its size. I’ll be honest and was going to try and sell it as keyring aren’t my ‘thing’, but from what I’ve seen so far I may just hold onto it!

Better in person!

I will also put up a review of the LEGO RAZOR CREST over the next week or so. I have put a handful of sets by for lockdown and will probably get through them first,so watch this ‘Space’ (pun intended).

So, what started as a trip I wish I didn’t make, due to lack of PaB parts, it turned out to be a very worthwhile day and I came back with a decent haul, just in time for lockdown!

We would love to know what go you through the last lockdown and what sets you have to build during this next one. Do you build sets or create MOCs? Did you pop to your local LEGO Store recently, what did you grab? Even been let down by the PaB? Let us know it the comment below.

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings. Stay safe and have some LEGO fun!

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