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It’s been teased for awhile now but the trailer for the long awaited animated adventure of The Super Mario Bros. dropped yesterday and with it a glimpse of the bright and cheerful World of Mario and Co!

This computer animated movie, coming 7th April 2023, will see Mario and a whole host of new and recognisable characters from the much beloved Nintendo video games.

Being a LEGO related website, we need to ask the question, what does this mean for LEGO? Well, where do we begin, it could mean a new wave of Starter Course sets and yet more electronic characters, no thanks. Perhaps more excitingly a whole new take on Mario & Friends and the introduction of actual Minifigures!

I think I speak for most LEGO fans when I say that we need a Mario Minifigure and sets based on this upcoming movie, heck I’d even settle for a CMF (Collectable Minifigures) line filled with our favourite Italian Plumbers, Goomba and the Mighty Bowser.

Please let us know what you’d like to see introduced by LEGO via the comments section below.

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