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As fans of LEGO Marvel, and Marvel in general, we couldn’t resist this new set that is based on the recently released Spider-Man No Way Home movie.

The set features a small area of a Workshop inside Dr Stranges’ Sanctum. I have yet to see the movie and don’t fully understand the location or many of its details, but once I’ve seen it I’m sure it’ll open it up even further so I can appreciate it more.

The LEGO set up for review today is LEGO Marvel Spider-Man at the Sanctum Workshop (76185), so let’s jump into it!

The Box:

Over the Years the box art has gotten progressively better and now includes a lot of background details along with the set in question on display. The Marvel sets have always been a joy to look at and this one’s no different. We see an action scene where Spider-Man and the gang are battling a creature that has somehow got into the Sanctum Workshop.

On the reverse we see an Alien free scene where the gang are going about their daily chores. I really like see the rigid Cape piece holding the drill, I may have to recreate that photo at some point.

The instruction manual is what we usually get from LEGO, a small-ish in size booklet that shows 2 or 3 LEGO pieces per stage, nothing too taxing at all.

It also highlights that you can digitally access the instructions via their online portal, great for gadget fans or for those of you that prefer a screen to flick through.

There are 3 numbered bags which makeup the set and as always these are broken down at the start of the manual to tell you which bags make which part. I always take a quick look at this section to give me a basic understanding of what to expect.

The Build:

I’ll start off by saying that the build itself is quite small in terms of pieces used, the overall area covered though is quite substantial and does take up quite a fair bit of room.

The workshop consists of 355 pieces and most of these are either dark grey plates and slopes or masonry bricks. OK there are other parts included obviously such as the accessories, but the set does seem very limited when looking at it.

This may have gone down better as a proper room-set similar to LEGO Bro Thor’s New Asgard (76200). For the cost (£34.99) it could have easily been a bit bigger and still be enclosed, adding to the inadvertent vignette style of sets.

Having the centre of the set open and presumably representing a portal to another World or area, is a really cool idea and does work well, especially having part of the set built behind it. Now having seen the movie yet I can’t comment on if it lines up and matches what’s on the big screen.

The parts I personally like the most in many LEGO sets are the furniture and how LEGO implement different techniques every time they produce bookcases and desks etc. There are both included in this set and they look beautifully design and made, with the bookshelf being my favourite. The added accessories really make these furniture pieces truly come alive and give them the details they need to resemble what they are.

Being a Workshop the set really needed to have some sort of work bench, and we weren’t disappointed. Not only that but a full selection of tools were included too, from wrenches and screwdrivers to oil can and cordless drill!

Matching desk and drawers are a must too and I must say they look good together, the colour scheme really works well. The other desk, which the computer sits on, is basic but does the trick. On the screen you’ll see a few open tabs with the front one featuring Peter Parkers face and the title ‘Who?’.

As always the design team have done an incredible job with the stickers and prints, which there are quite a few of, especially around the portal/window. Each of the tiles have a stickered pattern that runs around the outside and acts like a frame. Although there are quite a few of the same pattern I think they’re needed and finishes off the decor nicely, without them the frame would look to stark and out of place.

There is a side build included but I have no idea what it is and why it’s included. The construction of irlt is nice with the use of ball joints etc but the premise of it eludes me sadly. In my opinion they could have left it out and reduced the price of the set. Although saying that it may have some relevance to the movies storyline and be quite important. Either way this could, and should, have been left out.

Other LEGO parts to note are the Hour Glass and Candelabra elements, among others, as they’re relatively new and rare. Again the details make this set what it is and takes it to the next level, oh and the Minifigures are fantastic too!

The Minifigures:

There are four Minifigures included in this set and they’re all quite sought-after with one in particular containing a very smart looking Cape, that’s right Dr Strange comes complete with a fully moulded cape piece!

Starting with Dr Strange and his amazing torso and leg printing. The design is spot on and looks absolutely stunning, I maybe a little bias as Dr Strange is one of my favourite Marvel Superheroes.

Without belittling the set one of the main reasons to nab this is for the moulded Cape piece, as it now only comes in two sets, this one and the recently released LEGO Marvel Gargantos Showdown (76239).

It’s such a nice piece to have and as the box highlights has a multitude of uses, as a Cape and as an independent being that can help Dr Strange with his chores. Some of the LEGO tools fit into the capes neck grip which is a very nice touch.

Wong is also a great Minifigure to include in the set and is often present when Dr Strange is around, well at least for a scene or two, as seen in the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer.

I’ve yet to have Wong in my collection and I’m truly giddy at the though of having him join the ranks of my small but growing Marvel Minifigure collection.

Again he doesn’t have any arm printing but the torso and legs more than make up for it. With a jam-packed design the prints look crisp and detailed right down to his gold rope belt and yellow puffer jacket.

Sadly he only has the one face print, which is fine as a second expression isn’t really needed for this particular Minifigure.

MJ is on par with Wong and although doesn’t add much to the set overall it’s definitely a nice addition, and I won’t grumble at another Minifigure.

Thankfully the Minifigure has two face prints although there isn’t much difference between them. One is a slight smirk while the other is a more inquisitive expression.

The legs are plain with no additional print where as the torso features a chequered shirt/jacket that could easily be used for bith Female and Male Minifigures.

Spider-Man is definitely where it’s at with this set and has to be one of the greatest Minifigures we’ve had for a while in terms of Spideys. Not only is it different from the others but it’s his latest suit in the movie franchise and one that I personally think is very cool indeed!

Complete with dark greys and Gold accents the design looks spot on and accurate to the movie, well the trailer at least. LEGO certainly has a way with creating crisp lines for its Spider-Man Minifigures and this one is by far the nicest.

Dual moulded legs are pretty much the icing on the cake and add that extra something to the overall look and feel of the character and Minifigure. LEGO have really put done themselves here, and I love it!

The Conclusion:

Overall the set is great and worth the current RRP of £34.99.

Although the build itself does let it down somewhat the accessories, nice selection of parts, and furniture helps to make this set decent.

But with so many other LEGO sets the real value and attraction comes from the Minifigures and having four very well designed and executed characters in this set makes it a must have.

After watching Spider-Man: No Way Home in theaters I may appreciate this set a while lot more and find hidden meaning to the build and its details.



Thank you for taking the time to read this review, we really do appreciate it. If you’d like to get involved and contribute your own reviews please get in contact with us, there’s always an opening to expand our team.


LEGO Marvel Spider-Man at the Sanctum Workshop (76185)



The Box 9.2
The Build 6.5
The Minifigures 9.5
The Cost (£34.99) 7.5
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