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The Flintstones LEGO Ideas set was released in early 2019 and consists of 748 pieces and 4 Minifigures.

Andrew Clark submitted his idea to the LEGO Ideas website in 2017, gained the qualifying 10,000 supporters in May 2018 and passed the review stage in October that same year. In only four months the set was available to purchase.

The Box:

The box art is fantastic, and takes you back to The Flintstones cartoon. Brightly coloured Mountains, Green grass and of course the iconic Flintstones house and car.

Box Art Front

The back features a closer look at the set in question, with the play-ability the main focus. removing the roof, folding out the back, and possible poses and scenes to recreate yourself.

Box Art Back

Inside the box

The Main Build:

The Flintstones’ house is the main build, along with the car.

the house itself is very well constructed and incorporates a handful of different techniques, which is great as it teaches you other ways to piece together LEGO.

The 3 main house walls are built fairly straightforward with simple wall construction implementing bricks and plates. Around the windows you start seeing SNOT (Studs Not On Top) techniques.

The main house build

Continuing with the SNOT construction we see more being added to the sides of the house, to give it a more rounded, organic feel. I particularity like this way of building as it opens up the possibilities to create unusual shapes and angles, just like the windows, and roof, of The Flintstones’ house!

Inside features a sofa, TV, coffee table, lamp, telephone, and Fred’s bowling equipment. The TV has a printed tile, which depicts a news reader announcing that Dino is missing, and indeed he is, from the set! Another printed tile is situated behind the sofa, it’s a painting of a Mammoth, very apt for the era they’re in.

Printed tiles

The chimney is no different in construction from the rest of the build, a combination of classic and SNOT techniques. The main body and support is made up of 1×2 bricks with the occasional SNOT chucked in. These are ultimately there to hold the sides of the chimney on, which look great, featuring a rock/pebble face, again to give it that organic rock look. You have to repeat the same process 3 times for each of the chimney sides, which does get slightly mind numbing trying to position the rounded tiles straight!

The 3 identical chimney sides

The roof is mostly made up of plates, stacked and varying levels. 2 big sloped tiles make up the bulk of it, which gives it a nice backward sloping roof. The roof isn’t actually attached to the house in any way whatsoever, it merely rests on one end and ‘latches’ on the other. 2 stacked 1×4 plates simply slot into a gap left behind the chimney. It’s very loose and woddly but it works, just.

Around the outside of the house are stepping stones pleased randomly. 2 small shrubs either side of the door which make use of some rather nicely coloured new left elements!

The Greenery supplied in this set is great, not a massive amount but any Greenery is welcome in my book! We get 9 of the new leaf elements and 4 of those are a new colour, medium lavender!


The Side Builds:

This set contains 3 smaller builds, the Flintstones car, mail box, and a giant rack of ribs.

Starting with the bigger of the three, the car. It’s the first thing you build when you open up the box & instructions.

The Flintstones Car

The whole thing looks great and brings back fond memories of watching Fred and Co. using their legs to power it

The canvas roof is a unique piece, designed just for this set. It simply slots onto the frame and 2 small pieces stop it from sliding off.

Car canopy

The wheels move freely enough but do have trouble finding traction on hard surfaces.

Overall the car is an awesome build, but LEGO have missed a trick here. The car is leg powered but here the Minifigures sit down 🤔  It wouldn’t take much for them to be standing, placing yet more Snot pieces to hold the Minifigures in place. This is just one of the things that would make this set even greater!

Mail box

The mail box build is made up of a handful of pieces and is very simple to construct. It features a printed element which is always welcome. Although it’s fun and has playability it is clearly not Minifigure scale so it tends to look out of place.

Rack of ribs

The smallest (least parts) is the rack of Dinosaur ribs that sits on the side of the car, just like the cartoon – Although it doesn’t quite topple the car 😉

The Minifigures:

The 4 main characters are included, Fred & Wilma Flintstone and Barney & Betty Rubble.

Fred & Wilma Flintstone

Barney & Betty Rubble

No other Minifigures included which is a shame. We could of had Pebbles or Bambam, or even Dino!

All the Minifigures are great and look somewhat similar to their TV counterparts. The noses, or lack of, are missing, to be blunt. LEGO usually do a good job in recreating characters but they’ve kind of missed the ball on these.

The printing, as always, is done very well and to a high standard. Saying that the neck/chest printing on Betty & Barney are particularly bad, but that’s just because of the dark torsos they are printed onto.

Wilma and Betty both alternate faces, with somewhat strange expressions, especially Betty.

Alternate faces

Another 4 iconic Minifigures added to the collection for sure!


Overall this set is awesome and well worth it!

The builds are fun and enjoyable and it broadens your building techniques with the use of SNOT bricks.

Minifigures are great and having the 4 main characters forever trapped in LEGO form is any collectors dream.

LEGO has ultimately done well in recreating what Andrew Clark originally designed.

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