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Over the next couple of weeks LEGO  will be giving away, with a minimum purchase of £35, the very sought-after  LEGO Monkie Kid’s Delivery Bike (30341) polybag!

Monkie Kid’s Delivery Bike 30341

I was lucky enough to grab this on day one of the promotion in an official LEGO Store. I went in to spend my VIP points on something for my Son and I, and when entering the store I noticed the poster with the current gift with purchase on it, great!


The polybag doesn’t really consist of much to be honest, in the sense of pieces, which there are 18. Compared to most Polybags it’s reasonably minimalist.

Bits & pieces

You do of course get a Minifigure, the Monkie Kid himself. I must say that not really having or seeing much LEGO Monkie Kid in person I really like the concept and idea behind it, and must get myself more of this unique and cool LEGO theme.

Monkie Kid Minifigure

The printing on both the torso and legs is amazing and very well done. The torso in particular is packed full, front and back!

Torso front

Torso back

The legs are dual-moulded and have some very smart side printing on them, the Monkie Kid cloud logo.

Lego printing


He comes with two expressions, the main one is a worried/scared look and the other a more aggressive one.

Main face

Alternate face

The main build, if you can call it that, is Monkie Kid’s trusty steed, his delivery bike!

Delivery Bike

I believe this is a new style and element, please excuse me if I’m wrong. I really like the look of what LEGO have gone for here. With the red frame, matching wheels, and bright yellow grilles.

Monkie Kid out on a delivery

The steamed dumplings container on the back with a couple of extras, sat just next to it, finish the bike and style of it off nicely. I like the addition of the transparent piece with a unique print on it, which I think is a menu or business of sorts.

Food delivery

Overall a great little LEGO Polybag as usual. Not many pieces and a very simple build it could of had more going for it if more were included, but it is fine just as is.

It’s nice to get hold of a sought-after and, before this promotion, quite rare set. First seen at the Shanghai LEGO Store back when LEGO first released the theme.

Well designed and printed Minifigure, will be added into the collection for sure!


Thank you for taking the time to read this short review, I hope you enjoyed it and urges you to grab this LEGO polybag. Any questions of comments please leave them below.

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