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I like these little LEGO Seasonal sets, especially the Halloween ones. We’ve had some really good builds over the Years, 40090, 40122, and 40260 spring to mind.


I’ve had this, and Halloween Hayride 40423, sat in my ‘to build’ pile since I bought them on release day. I wish I had opened them earlier!

At first I thought to myself ‘what will I do with Halloween baubles?’ but since building them I’ve found a handful of places to hang & display them, from unused framing hooks and curtain pole ends to door handles and simply resting them on the mantlepiece or window seal.

My 5 Year old Son insisted we hang them from the curtain poles to scare Mummy, she was’t amused, oops!

Carefully slicing the tape and opening the box I was pleasently surprised to see a full box, it was jam packed inside. It’s really nice to see space used so efficiently, I guess it’s due to LEGO wanting to keep that particular shape and size package the same as previous sets.

Filled to the brim

Inside the box we get two bags of bricks & pieces, a sticker sheet, and two short bits of thread. The two bags, at first glance, seemed to be a self-contained build, Bat in one and Pumpkin in the other, that’s not the case and the bags need to be opened and mixed in order to finish each one. There are seperate instruction leaflets so building with a family member or friend is easier.

Bricks and pieces

There aren’t many stickers, just enough to build up the faces of both the Bat and Pumpkin. seven in total. The design looks really well done with both faces being bright and colourful. To me it seems like the quality of the sticker sheet is a tad thicker then usual, it feels like a premium product.

Sticker sheet

The build itself is quite a pleasent one, with it’s simplistic build and curved side panels. It uses my favourite technique, SNOT (studs not on top), for the majority of the body, as each ornament calls for an overall rounded shape. As usual we get a rainbow of colours that fill up the insides, mainly as it’s a more cost effective colour/piece.

Main body construction

Each ornament looks great, the Bat has two wings which clip into place either side and can be positioned slightly forwards or backwards. The three stickers feature an open mouth with the fangs on display, a small 1×1 quater circle purple tile used for the nose finishes off the face perfectly.


The Pumpkin features four stickers as each curved panel is made up of four 2×2 slope tiles. The classic carved pumpkin eyes and mouth look wonderful and definitly brings it to life. I do wonder why they didn’t use a 2×4 sloped tile for the mouth piece as the gap between those two stickers detracts from it slightly.


To hang the ornaments is simple, thread the provided purple string through the conviently placed technic loop parts on top of each one and tie off the ends. Trimming the excess off is up to you, I left them on as it doesn’t borther me so much.

I really liked building this small 130 piece set, from cracking open the full box, putting it all together, to applying the stickers and hanging them up.

Overall a great set and I’d recommend picking it up next time you find yourself at a LEGO Store or online.


Thank you for reading my review on this set, for other articles head over to the review section of the website. My next build will be the Halloween Hayride 40423 set so check back soon for that!

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