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Chronicle Books have produced many fine LEGO inspired books over the years from Minifigure focused editions to helpful hints & tips for building. Today we have something a little different which is aimed more towards the AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO) community, with help insights on how to get started with MOCs (My Own Creation), overcome builders block, get in a Minifigure mindset, create in Nanoscale and so much more – Think of it as a self-help kind of book!

This book was kindly gifted to us from Chronicle Books as a review copy, thank you. We aim to give an honest opinion, not a bias one.

LEGO Build Every Day Chronicle Books

LEGO Build Every Day Chronicle Books

Having had this book for a couple of weeks now, reading and flicking through it, I can honestly say that there is some sound advice that I’ll no doubt use myself, if I ever get back into creating MOCs.

The very first tip I really took onboard was to do with planning and getting started. I’m terrible when it comes to implementing an idea that I’ve pictured in my head for so long, as Alec Posta (writer of the book) says simply “plan less” and just build.

LEGO Build Every Day Chronicle Books

LEGO Build Every Day Chronicle Books

The next chapter MOCs and SNOTs focuses on the many names a single piece of LEGO can have, and they don’t even have to be official. As the writer states giving new techniques or even parts a name of your own can help the build process and one I may try again myself. Pick a part, give it a funny name and start building something around that part.

LEGO Build Every Day Chronicle Books

LEGO Build Every Day Chronicle Books

Just like other previous Chronicle Books review (The Art of the Minifigure) we won’t be diving too deep in the book as we don’t want to give all the secrets of it away, we love giving you a sneak peek at what to expect inside and a general grasp of the book itself.

It covers Minifigures too with a very brief history and what to build for them, including their own little house.

I personally love a good Minifigure and have made a few MOCs myself centred on them, I even have my own SigFig (Signature Minifigure) that has gone through many changes, just as we do in real life. Making Houses, buildings, offices, etc for them is a great way to get into building and learn new techniques.

LEGO Build Every Day Chronicle Books

LEGO Build Every Day Chronicle Books

The ‘Be Your Own Builder‘ chapter is directed at self-help and gives advice on how to get the most of this hobby, or any hobby for that matter.

As the chapter hammers home, comparing your MOC, mosaic, build, etc to other creators is not the way forward and only muddies your creative waters. Build for you and you’ll do great things!

LEGO Build Every Day Chronicle Books

LEGO Build Every Day Chronicle Books

I honestly really enjoyed reading through this one of a kind book as it gives advice and opinions that I’ve not seen other books touch on. Hearing it from Master Builder Alec Posta makes it so much more meaningful as he builds with LEGO on a daily basis and clearly knows a thing or two when it comes to creating and creativity.

We hope you enjoyed the sneak peek at Build Every Day and our general thoughts on it. We’d love to hear from you either regarding the book or the article, comment below and we’ll get back to you.

The book is available from 17th May in the US and 26th May in the UK.

  • Product Title: LEGO Build Every Day
  • Author: Alec Posta
  • Pages: 96
  • ISBN: 9781797214139
  • RRP: £12.99/$16.95

Thank you again to Chronicle Books for sending us a review copy, we truly appreciate it and look forward to future opportunities.

LEGO Build Every Day

LEGO Chronicle Books

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