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The BrickLink Designer Program is a relatively new system, although it feels like it’s been with us for years, which gives fans and builders a chance to get their ideas built. Once designs have been submitted a fan vote commences where 5 lucky sets make it through to the crowd support stage and finally to being made purchasable.

Series 1 had 5 amazing sets but the most affordable one was the Snack Shack (910030), designed by Stefano Cornelissen (@distractedbuilder) coming in at just £39.99, the price point seemed spot on for most fans who wanted to experience the program and not break the bank, me included, plus it looks amazing!

Pre-orders we’re taken at the start of the yearand fulfilled at the end of June, from a manufacturing point of view that is quite fast, making the set, designing and producing the boxes, packaging it all up and finally sending them on their way. I built this live on my Instagram account of you’d like to watch that back click here. We stream every Thursday at 8pm (UK time).

The Box & Contents:

When it comes to the box, generally it’s the same, the material and feel are the same but the branding is different. Being a Bricklink Designer Program product the logo is where the LEGO one would be, LEGO do own Bricklink and their logo can be found on one of the edges, along with all the other gumph.

The all white packaging is rather refreshing, especially when most LEGO (18+) sets are darker colours. The logo, details and set images stand out well and show off the vital information. On the front is the set itself, the Air stream style shack, 2 Minifigures and set details. On the reverse is the set opened up, the back panel flips down to reveal the small but packed interior.

Just like standard LEGO sets the bags are numbered, here the set is divided into 4 bags. Also inside the box is a leaflet that has a quote from the original fan designer, a photo of the set and other details. On the reverse are QR codes, one directs you to the digital building instructions, as no physical paper copy is included, which I didn’t know so when it came to building live on Instagram I had to quickly find and download the required PDF. Since then I have published an article that links to each of the BDP Series 1 instructions.

The Build:

As always with LEGO, the base is constructed first. Making a start with bag 1, tan coloured plates are used to create the uneven sand effect, then darker tan plates are added followed by tiles for a decking area and grey for the base of the Airstream style shack. A bun, bucket, rat and some foliage are also applied here and make the set start to look more eye-pleasing and realise, it’s the small details that make it after all.

Bag 2 focuses on the interior of the Shack and an end wall. Creating the curves is a single yet nice technique to build, layering bricks and plates then covering them with certain sloped pieces. Taking a look at the furniture and appliances inside we have some very cool builds, including a fridge-freezer, sink, milkshake maker, toastie maker, and a deep fat frier. Each side build is great and has some nice part usage, the deep fat frier especially, it looks so good with the little handles and transparent orange pieces as the container.

Bag 3 is quite substantial, it comprises of the opposite and front walls plus the roof. Again using the same build techniques to create the curves, although the front needs 2 openings for the door and serving hatch. Clips have been left open for now, these will be for the door itself, an awning and a menu board. A tile above the serving hatch has been placed, this uses the first sticker that says ‘Snack Shack‘ one it.

Bag 4, the final bag, obviously completes the build by finishing off the walls with larger corner curved pieces, adding the wooden awning, door to the Airstream, a table for customers to stand at and a palm tree. The back panel has also been added and flaps down to allow access to the interior, albeit a little cramped for bigger fingers. I will say that one small gripe is the build quality of the door, it isn’t great and with only 1 or 2 points of contact panels tend to fall off if not careful.

The set really comes together once you add the extra details like the food and drink on the table and the Seagull, these little details are great and makes the thing look amazing. The only thing missing are the 2 Minifigures, which we’ll talk about below.

The Minifigures:

The 2 Minifigures are exclusive to the set, albeit in a unique combination way, as the torsos, legs and other parts have been in many other sets, mainly LEGO City.

Fiest up we have Dan the Food man, as named by our Instagram livestream viewers. He owns and runs the Snack Shack and is dressed for the part, in his dark blue cap and apron. He only has one face/expression, but what a cool face it is the design and print is stunning, he really fits the street food chef vibe.

Next we have hungry Hannah, also named by our viewers. She is a customer that sports a very nice torso design that looks cool and perfect for a stroll along the beach. At the end of the review are two scenes that I set up and photographed, these help give you a picture of what each character would get up to whilst at the Snack Shack.

Overall the BrickLink Designer Program Series 1 Snack Shack (910030) is a brilliant set, it’s small but it packs a mighty lunch, sorry I meant punch! From the iconic curves of the Airstream style shack to the decking area and Minifigures, the while thing looks amazing and I’m so glad I’m purchased this set. I have a space for it in my City (Gregsville), in the beach obv, serving the residents and tourists.

Do you have this set? Which other Bricklink Designer Program sets did you purchase? Let us know your thoughts and comments below, we love hearing from you!


BrickLink Designer Program Series 1 Snack Shack (910030)



The Box 9.5
The Build 9.9
The Minifigures 9.5
The Cost (£39.99) 9

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