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The latest LEGO theme to be converted into a monthly magazine is Marvel’s Avengers!

Front cover

That’s right, we finally have a Marvel. magazine. After years of having countless DC Batman issues which, don’t get me wrong, are amazing too, but you can only have so many Batman Minifigures in your collection.

Foil bag

When I first saw this magazine I knew I had to have it, being a Marvel fan and Minifigure collector!

The first freebie Minifigure included is Spider-man, ok he’s not exclusive but I’ll definitely take another any day. This particular Minifigure has been seen before, in 6 different sets to be exact.

  • 76133 Spider-Man Car Chase
  • 242001 Spider-Man foil pack
  • 76146 Spider-Man Mech
  • 76134 Spider-Man: Doc Ock Diamond Heist
  • 76149 The Menace of Mysterio
  • 76147 Vulture’s Trucker Robbery

Spider-man Minifigure

The printing, front & back, is done to LEGO’s high standards and looks clean and detailed.

Front & back printing

Unfortunately the legs are plain blue and aren’t dual-moulded, but you can’t have everything right?! I hope these magazines get better with each issue and we see some exclusive freebies coming our way.

Accompanying Spider-man are a ton of Web accessories, great for playability and using in photographs.

Web accessories

I really like these Web pieces, they add so much to the Minifigure, great for grating scenes and letting your imagination run wild.

Onto the magazine itself, and what can I say. It’s a standard LEGO magazine filled with puzzles, comics, and a poster or 2.

Comic strip

I must say that I rarely read the comic stories included, but again being a Marvel fan I really wanted to see what they did and how the story went. It’s a great little read and myself and my 5 year old Son really enjoyed it.

Comic strip

Nothing really special inside the magazine for AFOLs but then it is aimed at Kids, and there are plenty of activities to do for those younger fans in the family.

I always carefully tear out the posters and keep them in a folder, just incase one day I want to frame and display them. The poster included in this Marvel edition is absolutely amazing! It depicts the original six Avengers in LEGO form with the rest of the line-up in silhouette. It’s a great piece of art and it would look great on anyones wall!

LEGO Avengers Poster

Overall the new LEGO Marvel Avengers Magazine Issue 1 is pretty decent, comes with everyone’s favourite neighbourhood hero, Spider-man. Who’s doesn’t like Spider-man!

Magazine itself is generic but does have some good points, mainly the comic.

For the price, £3.99, it is very good indeed. I recommend it to any Marvel fan!

The back page is normally where I skip to for that glimpse of next issues freebie, and I wasn’t disappointed, the man himself…. Iron Man!

LEGO Iron Man Minifigure

Will you be grabbing this issue if your see it? What do you like about LEGO magazines? Let us know in the comments below.

LEGO Marvel Avengers Magazine Issue 1


Great first issue and awesome freebie. The Spider-man Minifigure has appeared in sets before but you can never have too many! The magazine itself is generic with the usual puzzles and comics.


Magazine 4
Freebie (Minifigure) 7.5
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  1. So good to finally see LEGO Marvel magazines are finally available

    1. Sure is! I’m a massive LEGO Marvel myself, can never have too much 🤗

  2. Hi, love the website.
    Would you know where I can buy issue 1 of the Lego avengers magazine ? Or any other issues ?
    Are they sold in supermarkets like other magazines ?

    1. Thank you for your kind words. If you’re UK based I’m pretty sure they offer back issues on their website. It’s hard to say as once the next issue releases the old ones get sent back. Otherwise try eBay or any other online source. I. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi, I just bought the lego marvel avengers magazine with the venom figure and it is missing pieces. I was wondering how I can get the missing pieces as I paid to get the whole figure not just parts please.

    1. Hi Denis, that is very strange indeed, I’ve not heard of missing pieces before but it clearly happens. I’d start off by contacting the Magazine publisher, if they can’t help go to LEGO directly via online chat or phone call. Either way you’ll hopefully get it sorted. Let us know how you get on ☺️

  4. Hi I’m hoping you can help me I work with a young lad with disabilities he loves the comics he is after captain marvel one how do I subscribe to you to have them delivered to me so I can pass them on many thanks

    1. Hi Sam, these comics are great and the Minifigures even more so. Unfortunately we are just reviewing them and don’t publish them. Try either or for your subscription needs. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Hi, huuuuuuge long shot, but I don’t suppose you still have this and willing to part with it?

    Please feel free to email me if so.


    1. Sadly the magazine is long gone and the Minifigure is probably in my Marvel collection somewhere, sorry.

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