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The LEGO CMF (Collectable Minifigures) line has been highly successful and churned out some amazing Minifigures, including the ultra rare and pricey Mr Gold.

Each Year the CMF Series has become more and more popular, with fans now sourcing whole boxes in order to gain a full set, we here at The Brick Post included!

Fans have also wanted certain themes to have their own CMF Series, such as Star Wars and Marvel. LEGO has taken notice of one at least and that is of course Marvel!

Join us below as we run through the entire series Minifigure by Minifigure, pointing out new pieces, prints, and what we like about them as a whole.

We also recently hosted an Instagram Live Stream where me and fellow LEGO fan @BrickMcBricksworth opened and built each Minifigure. Please do head over to our Social Media platforms (Facebook / Instagram) and give us a follow, you’ll get notifications when we post news, reviews, and when we go live!

The packet and leaflet:

All CMF series’ packets have a similar design with a handful of the Minifigures on the front along with the set number (71031).

They’ve chosen eight characters to be centre stage and I must say they went for the more popular ones, such as Scarlett Witch, Loki, Captain Carter, and T’Challa as Star Lord, to name a few.

Again the tick sheet/leaflet is done in pretty much the same style as previous series’, with instructions of a few harder to construct Minifigures on the back.

The Minifigures:

LEGO has quite a lot of material to pull from as this particular series focuses on the recent batch of TV shows from Disney+, such as WandaVision, Loki, and What If…?.

So without further a-do here are the new LEGO Marvel CMF series and what we think of each one. (in no particular order).

Scarlett Witch

We didn’t see much of Wanda in this form as, spoiler alert, it happened near the end of the last episode, but what we did see seems to marry-up with this LEGO version quite well.

The dual moulded hair piece and cape work so well together with their red and dark red tones. Her alternate faces can be used to great effect as one is ‘happy’ whilst the other is full on ‘rage’.

The design and printing is where LEGO really excel as it is so crisp and highly detailed. The dual moulded arms finish this Minifigure off a treat.

The accessories she comes with are two transparent red power blasters. This, I believe, is the first instance of this particular part in this colour.

White Vision

Without jumping ahead too much I will say that this White Vision is in my top three favourites of the series, but more on that later.  

The printing is incredible and has that glimmer when held under the right light. I think what makes it so good is the fact every part has print on it, from the torso and legs to the arms and head, every part is covered. His dual moulded legs are an added bonus too! 

I’m not sure what these single neck hole capes are about but I kind of like them. Only being help via one point they give the impression the Minifigure is floating, unless I’m alone in thinking that.

He comes with a very futuristic laptop/computer which features a cool graphic of the house they live in and it being surrounded by the dome Wanda has placed over it.

Monica Rambeau

Without sounding too ungrateful this Minifigure is perhaps the weakest one in terms of prints and accessories. Looking at it from purely a LEGO aspect the hair piece is the only decent thing about it.

The head has alternates faces which is a good point and the torso print does look like the one used on the TV show (WandaVision), with the S.W.O.R.D logo in the centre.

She comes with a small toy helicopter/Drone accessory which looks more like a handheld vacuum. The build itself is OK and uses basic SNOT (studs not on top) techniques.


Going from the least popular to another one of my personal favourites, Loki!

The Disney+ TV show (Loki), on which this is based, is one of the best things to come out of Disney recently, if you haven’t watched it yet please do, it’s awesome!

This Minifigure captures the essence of Loki in the grin alone, only this character can get away with it. It’s the torso, cup accessory, and Throg that really pushes this Minifigure to the next level.

Throughout most of the series Loki is seen wearing a ‘Variant’ jacket, so the others can tell it’s him. The design is spot on and the printing even more so, with his stubby tie, TVA belt buckle, and ‘Variant’ stamped on the back.

Throg is another reason to grab this entry into the Marvel CMF series. He is only seen for a split second on screen but LEGO thought it was adequate enough to include him. He is a ‘Variant’ Thor that is basically a Frog, hence Throg! He’s a little on the big side compared to his on screen counterpart but he does look cool, with his tiny Hammer and Cape.


Sylvie is another character from the Loki TV show and her Minifigure is very hit and miss. The parts that let this entry down are the torso and legs, don’t get me wrong the printing on the torso is good but doesn’t go that extra mile, and the legs are just plain black.

The print on the torso also look quite flat with no real shadow definition to show the overlapped layers. This could just be me being picky but the Minifigure as a whole is lacklustre.

The two redeeming parts to this entry are Alligator Loki and Sylvie’s Green Dagger!

Alligator Loki took everyone by surprise when he woddled onto our TV screens during episode five of Loki. LEGO have got his brick-counterpart down to a tee, although no horns are present, which we’ll let slide this one time. Her green dagger is a nice touch and in a new piece colour too.

T’Challa as Star Lord

This character makes a surprisingly good Star Lord in episode three of Marvel’s What If…? TV show, as he goes around the Galaxy spreading goodness and wise words.

The Minifigure excels beyond any expectation we first saw from the official images when they dropped. Upon opening and building the Minifigure he is highly detailed, comes with a cool new moulded helmet & hair piece, two blasters, and awesome design & print work!

As you can see the torso is done really well, although lacking arm prints, with the two shades of purple, a hint of yellow trim, and an undershirt and belt.

The legs follow suit and are covered with a subtle design such as pocket and seam accents, but if you look on the sides lower down you’ll see some rather small but cool looking thrusters, just like Peter Quill (original Star Lord) had on in the movies. They’re a good print to have and can even be swapped and used on previous Sta Lord Minifigures for the perfectionists/completists out there!

T’Challa also comes with an additional hair piece for when you remove the helmet, this is always a nice touch by LEGO and shows that they care.

Gamora as Thanos

If there’s one thing all these Minifigures have in common it’s how surprisingly good they all are, even the less popular ones.

Again this Minifigure was one that really had me surprised, in a good way. As we’ve yet to see the Marvel What If…? episode she appears so it’s hard to tell if LEGO have done a good job, but if the Minifigure is anything to go by it’ll be ace!

Gamora is dressed in what we usually see Thanos in, his gold & black armour, in several spots it has metallic parts on the torso & legs which shine when in the right light. Again this is a fully covered Minifigure with printing on the arms too, add in the fact that the arms & legs are dual moulded you’ve got yourself a truly complete Minifigure!

She also comes with Thanos’ double bladed weapon, which has a very basic construction and simply uses an older style hilt element and two chuckier light grey blades.

Captain Carter

This Minifigure is definitely one of the highlights of the series as it is a true representation of the Captain Carter we saw in the very first Marvel What If…? TV show episode.

The one we got in the LEGO Marvel What If…? Captain Carter and the Hydra Stomper (76201) is apparently wearing the Stealth suit, which we never did see in the episode and made no sense whatsoever.

The CMF Minifigure is the one we’ve wanted for a while now, and it looks absolutely stunning, with the Union Jack in full colour, not just on her torso but on the shield also.

The torso and dual moulded legs feature a ton of printing, including red accents, seam detailing, vivid colours, belt & boot buckles, and so much more, you find soemthing new everytime you look.

She comes with a decently sized Tesseract cube, the one we got in the above mentioned Hydra Stomper set is huge compared, so getting one more in scale is nice, and being a new colour, pearlescent blue, is definitely an added bonus.

Bucky Barnes

This Minifigure is perhaps the weakest of the bunch, alongside Monica Rambeau, purely because the others in the series are just that much better. Don’t get me wrong it’s still a Minifigure I want in the collection and of course to complete the series, as there are a lot of redeeming qualities about it. Such as his printed arm piece is awesome and looks incredible!

The torso is good, with a decent amount of printing front & back, but still nothing really stands out about it. The legs are plain black, which again is fine with me as it suits the character.

He does come with a Captain America shield which is a nice touch, having held and used it in the Disney+ Falcon and the Winter Soldier TV show. There isn’t anything special about the shield that we haven’t seen before.

The Minifigure as a whole is good, it just isn’t the best in the bunch.

Captain America (Falcon)

From one of the lesser entries (Bucky Barnes) to one of the best, Captain America!

This must be the easiest Minifigure to feel inside the packet, as his wings alone take up most of the space and is solid plastic. The shield would be the second thing to feel for as it is a unique shape.

If I were to rank these this one would be right up there a my favourite, although it would be an extremely tough choice.

Having watched the entire TV show this character featured in it makes more sense and gives me an idea of what they were going for, design wise. If you didn’t know already, Falcon takes up the mantle of Captain America, in fact the actor has since singed up for the Captain America 4 movie!

His suit is somewhat a mashup of his Falcon costume and that of the past Captain America’s outfit, continuing with the Red, White, and Blue theme, with the Star present & Centre. The obvious addition are the wings, and boy do they look awesome, with the colour scheme running throughout, front & back.

As Minifigures go the design is outstanding and there is so much to take in. Not only are the legs dual moulded but there is printing all over them, same goes for the arms, every millimeter is covered, and it looks fantastic!

The wings come with a very welcomed and nicely designed triangle piece, which is called Redwing in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), basically it functions as a weaponised Drone that follows Falcon/Captain America’s commands. It’s such a cool piece to have and I believe its the first time we have this in LEGO form.

Zombie Hunter Spider-Man

Episode five of Marvel’s What If…? TV Show features this character and the next in an extremely interesting and action-packed episode, surrounding the idea of what if the Avengers were Zombies!

The Zombie Hunter Spider-Man Minifigure is possibly one of the best Spider-Man figures we’ve ever had, at least it’s up there as one. There has been a common theme running though this CMF Series and that’s the all over body printing. Spider-Man is one of the better examples with print on his torso, legs and arms.

The design and printing is crisp and looks perfect, this is how you do a Minifigure!

He also comes with a cape which belonged to Dr Strange, the Cloak of Levitation. The two pieces that make up the cape are the more rigid fabric we’ve seen lately, but this isn’t a bad thing as it is more stable and acts like the cloak does on screen.

LEGO have included a Peter Parker head and hair piece too which is a very nice touch, I’d have been happy enough with just the Spider-Man Minifigure as it was.

There is also a web/string element included, perfect for rounding up the Zombies.

Zombie Captain America

I’ve gone through these Minifigures no particular order but it seems the best has been saved until last!

Captain America may look a little unrecognisable as he has been turned into a Zombie. This entry into the series is beautiful, even with the chunks of flesh missing, the detailing and essentially battle damaged suit and shield look absolutely stunning. LEGO have gone above & beyond with this Minifigure. 

It’s so fun and refreshing to see one of our favourite characters in this state, after the plethora of standard Caps in so many sets, here’s hoping LEGO produce a full zombified Avengers set!

The design team are outstanding anyway but this zombie-torn addition of Cap is so cool, with rips, gauges, and exposed rotten skin work well. Just like other entries in the series the Minifigure is covered from head to toe in print. The face print in particular is gruesome enough with the mouth drooping to one side and the yellow eyes, truly terrifying.

Even his shield has battle damage, which makes for a great part to have and use with regular Captain America Minifigures. It would have been difficult to pull off but perhaps a busted shield would have been better, just like the one from the Marvel Endgame movie when Thanos took a chunk out of it.


We’ve gone through each of the Minifigures accessories above but here is a closer look at the standout parts.


He maybe tiny but he has a fair bit of printing on him, his eyes, small outfit, and Cape. Despite all that I still can’t bring myself to like him, or more precisely the scale and model of him. I understand LEGO are limited somewhat here with the size but it just looks off to me.

Alligator Loki

This animal figure is pretty decent and can be used in other scenarios and MOCs etc, as there isn’t any printing (apart from eyes) that links this to Loki. That is also the worse thing about it, it should have Loki-esque horns on its head, just like in the TV show! Why on Earth wasn’t this done LEGO?

Visions Laptop

This futuristic laptop/screen is taken from WandaVision as not only can you see their family home under Wanda’s dome, you can also see the S.W.O.R.D logo. There are a few other markings on the screen and the 1×2 blue transparent features a keyboard  and small control pad.

I must say the printing on these pieces is detailed and clear, and I like the overall look of the design.

Extra pieces

As mentioned above, Zombie Hunter Spider-Man comes with a spare Peter Parker head, and T’Challa (Star Lord) comes with a hair piece.

Peter Parker comes with two facial expressions, one has a ‘normal’ smirk and the other (below) is a more worried/shocked face. The extra hair piece is also welcomed and finishes off the Peter Parker version nicely.

T’Challa has an extra hair piece too for when he pops his helmet off. It obviously matches the hair that is dual moulded in the helmet. We love it when LEGO includes extras like this, they really do care.

Shields galore

There are four shields included in this series with Zombie Captain America having perhaps the best one to date of them all, being battle damaged.

The other one to note is Captain Carter’s, as it has the Union Jack on it. The other two are exactly the same bit still coll nonetheless.

Minifigure stands

As always each Minifigure comes with a 3×4 black baseplate to stand on, but in this series especially, being Superheroes, we also get a 1×2 black jumper tile and a transparent posing stand, each!

That’s a lot of the same pieces and we love it, as you can double up on the posing stands to create some awesome looking scenes and action poses.

Checkout the gallery at the end of this review to see what we’ve come up with using these pieces!


If I were to describe this LEGO Marvel CMF series in just one word it would be WOW!

It truly is that good, although being a Marvel fan helps considerably it isn’t necessary. There are a plethora of new designs and prints, as well as hair pieces, flesh tone parts and new elements and recolours.

Each Minifigure has its own pros & cons but generally the series is a win!

Thank you for joining us and reading this comprehensive review and run-through of the latest LEGO CMF Series, Marvel!

Please head down to the comments and let us know your thoughts on them all and which one is your favourite, we’d love to know.


I would like to thank Mark a.k.a @Brick_Beat for helping me source a full set of the Minifigures, I really appreciate the help and support.

Also please checkout Martin a.k.a @BoomBrickz for helping with a couple of the images used in this review, again I really appreciate the help. Why not checkout his review video below, also go subscribe to his awesome YouTube Channel!



LEGO Marvel CMF Series



The Packaging 10
The Minifigures 10
Unique Parts/Prints 10
The Cost (£3.49) 9.5
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  1. This has to be, in my opinion, the best CMF ever! I may be a little biased as I am a massive Marvel fan! Great review and you have taken some amazing photos!

    1. Totally agree with you there bud! Thanks for the kind words, really appreciated 😊

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